Tijuana in Mexico(Mario!!Give me back my camera!!). Jul 7, 2012

I crossed the USA-Mexico border into Tijuana around 8:30AM.
I visited the symbol building which looked like a rainbow.

(Photo Credit: http://anakarenrodriguezcabralgrupo107.blogspot.jp/)

When I took pictures of that, someone patted my left shoulder behind me.
« Hey! Boy! » said the man who looked like Mario: Nitendo famous game character.

(Photo Credit: Nintendo)

He suggested that he took me around there.
I wondered for a little while whether he was a good guy.
But I believed and followed him.
That’s the way of my trip.

We went to several shops and took a rest at a restaurant.
We got ourselves each other.
Especially, he was 40 and I was 39,
so we gave a cheer for same generation.

« Do you like that woman? »
Mario started women’s looking rating.
I realize this kind of thing is common for men all over the world.
I’m the one who is reluctant to do this.
So I just said « OK » or « so-so ».
But Mario got little irritated, « Oh, Come on!! Tell me your type!! »
So, I sometimes said « Good!Good! » to make him feel better.
Finally, I got carried away and said « Excellent! ».

Mario grabbed my arm and took me to that lady.
He spoke to her in Spanish, probably « He likes you. »
She said to me « Gracias! » with a big smile and her hand on her cheek.

Me: « Mario, What’s your type? »
Mario: « Fxxking with 57 last week. »
Me: « 57? » (How could you talk about such a thing in the middle of daylight.)
Mario: « 57. »
Me: « You like an old woman? »
Mario: « No teeth, too good. »(He mimicked bXXw job.)
Me: « …… » (You are pathetic.)

Mario asked me to go to his hotel.
Arriving at his room, Mario knocked the door and called someone’s name.
« Is there anyone else? » I had an unease premonition.
The door opened and a man came out in plain dark.
He looked like the bottom rung among mafia.
I shrank back, but Mario said « Don’t worry. My cousin. ».
I asked myself « Can I believe them? Robbed? Killed? Drug? »
But I’d like to see at a glance, no matter how dangerous and doubtful.
My curiosity beaten my anxiety and I got in.

The light turned on. The room had no window and was anything but small.
Mario made his cousin go shopping soon after.
Mario talked to me that I should pay attention to the Mexican police as crossing border.
He continued his story.
« Cops asked at least 5 questions. First, like this.
‘Hands up! On the wall! Legs Open!’
They snatched my purse and asked me how much money I have.
If it was wrong, they struck me with bars and questioned me more strictly.
They picked money after all, whether or not wrong.
I cut holes in jeans to hide money.
Wanna see? »

He started taking off his jeans.
(Damn! He might be a gay.) I raised my warnings.
But he picked money out of hole, so I was relieved.

« Wanna a hole? » said he and picked a tool with sharp at the end.

(Photo Credit: http://support-full.jp/blog/cat13/post-96.html)
(How could you have such a thing!!)
He said « Come on!Come on! », while I fought back « Stop it!Stop it! ».

Althogh this fear was through, it was not the end.
Mario: « How much money do you have? »
Me: « What? »
Mario: « Told you. Need to know. Cops threaten you. »
Me: « I cannot understand. » (You give me too much threat.)
Mario: « Purse!!Purse!! »
Me: « No!!No!! »

But I finally handed my purse to him.
Mario « I count. $20,1,2,3…$10,1,2,3….
Too much. Cops suspect you come here for drugs.
Write down the number.
Forget? I count again. »
I got back my purse and felt relieved.

His cousin got back at that time.
I felt relieved, as I made sure he didn’t bring anyone.
Mario gave me an orange juice his cousin just got.
Although I felt a sense of unease about any drugs included,
I took a few sip to avoid any trouble by turning it down.
I had been keeping alert fully.
Fortunately, Mario suggested he took me to a boxing ring.

After leaving a boxing ring, we went to a bar.
Mario talked about boxing with his full knowledge.
I don’t know much about technical term, nor Mexican boxers.
I changed topic: Mil Mascaras who is a well-known Mexican wrestler.
Me: « By the way, I know Mil Mascaras. »
Mario: « You know Mil Mascaras? Hooray!! Why? »
Me: « He often fought in Japan in my childhood. »
For a while, we together did flying chop which has been Mil Mascaras’s most beloved attack.

Mario: « Go to beach. »
Me: « Beach? Far from here? »
Mario: « 5 minutes taxi. »
Me: « …Umh. »
Mario: « Casino. »
Me: « I told you. I don’t like casino. »
Mario: « Near. »

At a casino, Mario started a game
which you could get scores by opening a same number next to displayed number.
He didn’t do well.
Mario: « Push it. »
Me: « No. »
Mario: « Push.Push. »
I pushed unwillingly. Then the screen glittered.
Mario: « Hooray!! 50 bucks!! You 25 bucks, Me 25 bucks. Right? »
Me: « OK. »
Mario: « Push again. »
Mario: « 100 bucks!! Lucky man!! You get 50 bucks. »
Me: « OK. Is this number really US dollar? Not pessos? »
Mario: « US dollar. Give me 50 bucks. »
Me: « Why?No.No. »

Mario snatched my purse out of my pocket.
He turned to a sullen look.
Mario: « What? All of 20 daller has gone. Where? »
Me: « I’m a magician. »
I hidden all of 20 daller bills, while he looked away.
He picked five $10 bills out of my purse and went to a counter with unacceptable face.

He took his cousin and we started the game again.
Mario: « Got it!! 200 bucks!! Great!! You 100 bucks. »
Me: « OK. »
Mario: « 400 buuuucks!! You and Me 150 bucks. He 100 bucks. Right? »
Me: « OK. But it’s time to leave. I’d like to go back to USA. »
Mario: « OK. You and he pay. Give me your camera. I’ll take your picture outside. »
I had no doubt for him at that time.
I was off guard enough to hand my camera to him.

After payment, I went out but couldn’t find Mario.
Although I was sure it was of no use to speak to his cousin who spoke only Spanish,
there was no choice to ask him.
Me: « Where is he? »
Cousin: « +*{}!#$%&()=-| »
Me: « ………… »
I wondered he might be in a restroom.
But I couldn’t find him, as I went back to casino.
His cousin also vanished, when I went back to the entrance again.

« Oh! My Goodness! »
Although I looked over the way where I had passed through,
I couldn’t find them.
Even though I remembered vaguely the way to the hotel,
I quited to chase them because I had no gurantee of life this time.
Furthermore, I had no idea where I was.
It was more important to go back to USA than to get back my camera.
I looked around at every corner.

« RAINBOW!! I can see RAINBOW!! »
I felt getting wings on my feet.


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