Merry Chiristmas in Hong Kong(Two faces inside me). Dec 23, 2010

I am often asked the way by strangers, no matter where I am.
This destiny doesn’t seem to change overseas.

I got on a bus, City Bus A21, at the airport to go to the heart of Hong Kong.
When I stared at a map, a westerner asked me who sat opposite.

Westerner: « Where do you go? Tsim Sha Tsui(尖沙咀)? »
Me: « No, I get off at Yau Ma Tei(油麻地). »
Westerner: « You go to Tsim Sha Tsui? »
Me: « Tonight, I will go there. »
Westerner: « Oh. Tell me when we are there. »
Me: « No, no. I get off at Yau Ma Tei. »
Westerner: « What? »
Me: « I get off earlier than you by 2 or 3 stops. »

I showed him a map and where is « Tsim Sha Tsui » and « Yau Ma Tei ».
However, everything was Greek to the westerner.
This is because the map was written by Chinese.

At that time, a local person cut into our talk.
He explained a lot.
Making his explanation short,
it seems « Get off this bus. Change to a train. ».
The westerner and I said in our minds,
« We know well. We’d like to use more affordable way. »

While I was wondering « How can I say? »,
I noticed a board which showed the next stop with a number.
I realized my stop was No.8 and the westerner’s stop was No.13.

Me: « Look that sign! Look that number! Can you see No.8? »
Westerner: « Yes, yes. »
Me: « I get off at No.9. You get off at No.13. OK? »
Westerner: « Oh, I see. »
I stood up at No.9.
Westerner: « Many thanks. Nice to meet you. »
We shaked our hands tightly.
I was glad that I felt like winning against a local person.

After putting my baggages at my hotel,
I went to China Hong Kong City(中港城) to get a ticket to Macau.
A group of 3 Japanese girls, who looked like late teenagers, came next to my box-office window.

They said « このあたりで地図なくしちゃったんですけど.(In Phonetic Japanese, Kono atari de chizu nakushi chattan desukedo.)(In Enlish,We seem to lose a map around here.) »
Ticket Staff « What!??? »

I said to myself « What the hell are they asking with Japanese!! ».
The staff glanced at me, « Help her. Your country. »

I was wondering « She just lost a map. It’s not valuable. ».
But, the staff said to me again and again « Help Her! Help Her! ».

In the meantime, the 3 Japanese girls gave up and left there.
The staff gave me a gesture, « You are shit. »

Is it my fault? No way!.
I justified myself as follows.
* It’s not valuable.
* It’s crazy, asking with Japanese.
* I also had a difficulty to get a ticket here due to my English skill. How can I help them?
* Age gap and my looks make them feel I’m creepy. They must be thinking I’m a weird old guy as soon as I speak to them.
However, I left there with heart-sinking.

At that night, I walked around
Wanchai(灣仔) – Admiralty(金鐘) – Central(中環).
Some buildings were lit up with Chiristmas decoration.

We also celebrate Christmas in Japan.
But, I feel it’s never better than Hong Kong.

I recalled my visit to Hong Kong during Halloween.
Every girls was in witch costume.
Every boys was in monster costume.
A boy swung an ax in front of me.
I was stunned, however, I was happy.
« This is Halloween. Right time, Right place. »


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