Merry Christmas in Macau(Scary Dogs vs Me), Dec 24, 2010

I took a ride on a ferry, First Ferry(新渡輪), 07:00AM(Hong kong) – 08:15AM(Macau).
I visited dozens of world heritage sites nearby “Senado Square(議事亭前地)”,
such as “Ruins of St. Paul’s(大三巴牌坊)”, “Mount FortressU(大炮台)” and “St. Anthony’s Church(花王堂區)”.

BORING… None of them pull at my heartstrings.
I’ve already been to Casa Garden(白鴿巣公園) for just 2 hours.

“Macau is too small. I can walk to Guia Fortress(東望洋炮台).”
I walked down a long long stair.
I found 2 wild dogs mating on my way.
When I got to about 10 steps above them,
they stopped mating and blocked my way.
I got a bad feeling, but I kept going down.
Then, they gave me the way.

It happened when I was about to pass through them.
“GRRrrrrrr”, they barked at me and rushed toward me.
I was scared and took a step back, while they took a step forward.
I took a step back again and they also took a step forward.
We repeated that 5 or 6 times.
I could see fury and madness in their dead eyes.

“Terrible!!!” I dashed upward.
One of them chased me.
I ran, ran, ran.
Local people watched and laughed at me.
How cold-blooded!!

(It appears that I passed along the red line.)

I went back my way and took another path to
Avenida sidonio Pais(士多紐拜斯大馬路) – Cable Guia(松山纜車) – Guia Fortress(東望洋炮台).
My watch pointed at 11:20AM.

“I still have enough time to go to Grand Prix Museum before lunch. But, I cannot find a street.”
I wandered around there and found a path which is not on a map.
I went down this path. I could see garbage and rubbish everywhere.
I felt unease but kept going as long as this path last.

Finally, I found an abandoned house.

As soon as I passed through a narrow space on the wall, tension ran through my body again.

“Again!!”. 2 wild dogs were there.
They were less scary than dogs I met before.
I passed slowly and quietly in front of them.

I made sure the distance between them and me were more than 100m.
As soon as I took a picture of them, one of them rushed toward me.
I ended up running again.

(I passed through this narrow space behind a dog. This is just before a dog rushed toward me.)

(It appears that I passed along the red line.)


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