Merry Christmas in Macau(Scary Dogs vs Me), Dec 24, 2010

I took a ride on a ferry, First Ferry(新渡輪), 07:00AM(Hong kong) – 08:15AM(Macau).
I visited dozens of world heritage sites nearby « Senado Square(議事亭前地) »,
such as « Ruins of St. Paul’s(大三巴牌坊) », « Mount FortressU(大炮台) » and « St. Anthony’s Church(花王堂區) ».

BORING… None of them pull at my heartstrings.
I’ve already been to Casa Garden(白鴿巣公園) for just 2 hours.

« Macau is too small. I can walk to Guia Fortress(東望洋炮台). »
I walked down a long long stair.
I found 2 wild dogs mating on my way.
When I got to about 10 steps above them,
they stopped mating and blocked my way.
I got a bad feeling, but I kept going down.
Then, they gave me the way.

It happened when I was about to pass through them.
« GRRrrrrrr », they barked at me and rushed toward me.
I was scared and took a step back, while they took a step forward.
I took a step back again and they also took a step forward.
We repeated that 5 or 6 times.
I could see fury and madness in their dead eyes.

« Terrible!!! » I dashed upward.
One of them chased me.
I ran, ran, ran.
Local people watched and laughed at me.
How cold-blooded!!

(It appears that I passed along the red line.)

I went back my way and took another path to
Avenida sidonio Pais(士多紐拜斯大馬路) – Cable Guia(松山纜車) – Guia Fortress(東望洋炮台).
My watch pointed at 11:20AM.

« I still have enough time to go to Grand Prix Museum before lunch. But, I cannot find a street. »
I wandered around there and found a path which is not on a map.
I went down this path. I could see garbage and rubbish everywhere.
I felt unease but kept going as long as this path last.

Finally, I found an abandoned house.

As soon as I passed through a narrow space on the wall, tension ran through my body again.

« Again!! ». 2 wild dogs were there.
They were less scary than dogs I met before.
I passed slowly and quietly in front of them.

I made sure the distance between them and me were more than 100m.
As soon as I took a picture of them, one of them rushed toward me.
I ended up running again.

(I passed through this narrow space behind a dog. This is just before a dog rushed toward me.)

(It appears that I passed along the red line.)


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