Pulau Bintan in Indonesia(I spilled my money on the ground!!), Sep 24, 2012

I was at the Immigration counter in Pulau Bintan, Indonesia after 10:00AM on Sep 24th 2012.
Immigration staff: « Where are you going? »
Me: « I’d like to go to mangrove tour. »
Immigration staff: « Already booked? »
Me: « Not yet. »
Immigration staff: « Hey!!Hey!! »
The staff called another staff and told him about something.

Another staff: « Come on!!Come on!!Hurry!!Hurry!! ».
I was not sure what was going on.
Anyhow, I ran and followed the staff and was taken to a tourism booth.

Tourism staff: « S$38!!Sign here!!Hurry!!Hurry!! »
I was not yet sure what made me hurry.
Anyhow, I paid and signed in a hurry.

Another tourism staff: « Come on!!Hurry!!Hurry!! »
I was puzzled at all.
The only thing I knew was that I was totally controlled.

I was about put my changes into my purse.
« Ouch!! »
I dropped my purse and spilled my money on the ground as I put with running.
All my coins rolled across the ground.
Furthermore, the wind blew my banknotes away.

It doesn’t matter if this happened in Japan.
But, this is Indonesia. I already gave up.
However, all Indonesian there helped to pick up all of my money.
I was impressed and was ashamed of my doubt.
Thank you all there!!
Thank you Khadir!!
I hope your boss give you credit for your hard works!!


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