Chinese Lunar New Year[Snake] Parade in Hong Kong(What’s one of common mistakes that most Japanese make?), Feb 10, 2013

Chinese Lunar New Year Parade nearby ‘Chongqing Mansion'(重慶大廈) alongside ‘Nathan Road'(彌敦道)!!

By the way, when I watched this parade,
a man next to me was in trouble.
His iPad glitched.
Not just tapping, flicking, pinching but home button didn’t work.
Only hold button worked.
But, as you know, it didn’t make any sense.
Dragging didn’t work, so he couldn’t even reboot his iPod.

He asked me whether I could fix.
I grabbed his iPad with my both hands.
But, he never got his hands off his iPad.
He probably was afraid that I would snatch and run away.

I had another experience like that.
A man showed me his passport,
but he never allowed me to touch it.

Most Japanese brought a safety bag hanging from their neck or being around their waist.
We put our valuables, such as passport, money, credit card, etc.
However, we take our eyes off at a critical time.
We easily get pickpocketed all over the world.
Some Japanese might be a easy prey somewhere today.

(1) Looks like Japanese Maid Costume

(2) Circus Team?

(3) Kids

(4) Snake Crawling

(5) Dragon Crawling

(6) Dragon Crawling

(7) Scottish Style Marching Band

(8) Hong Kong Youth Marching Band

(9) Marching Band

(10) African Style? Marching Band

(11) 恒生銀行(Hang Seng Bank)

(12) Ocean Park

(13) Quintessential Chinese Dance

(14) Butterfly

(15) DisneyLand

(16) Crown?

(17) Quality Tourism Service

(18) Mantis

(19) SOGO

(20) Samba?

(21) CLP

(22) Cheerleader Squad?


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