Chinese Lunar New Year[Snake] in Hong Kong(Charlie!! Hats off to your Japanese), Feb 11, 2013

A hostel’s owner was nowhere, so I asked to a American guy named Charlie who also stayed at « Travellers Hostel » in ‘Chongqing Mansion‘(重慶大廈) .

Me: « Do you know any lockers to keep valuables? »
Charlie: « Fucking over there. »

For a little while, we talked each other.
Charlie asked me with Japanese.
Charlie: « 日本人やろ?(In Phonetic Japanese: Nihonjin yaro?)(In English: Are you a Japanese? »

He fluently spoke ‘Kansai’ dialect.
Kansai dialect is one of Japanese dialect.
Kansai is a Osaka-centered region.
Osaka is the second largest city in Japan.

He had lived in Osaka for around 10 years from the age of 16.
He not only speaks Japanese well but know Osaka people’s mind.
Osaka people put some jokes into every their words.
He also did well.
I often laughed out loud for his jokes.
He has a sense of making others laugh.

When he asked me my name, one thing came to my mind.
My given name is ‘Mitsuharu’ which is difficult to memorize for non-native Japanese.
So I use my nickname ‘Milu’ when I introduce myself.
But, at that time, I used my surname ‘Kiriu’.
I intentionally pronounced my name, like this ‘Kill you’.

Charlie: « 名前なんやねん?(In Phonetic Japanese: namae nanya nen?)(In English: What’s your name?) »
Me: « kill you » I intentionally murmured.
Charlie: « なんやて?(In Phonetic Japanese: nanya te?)(In English: What?) »
Me: « Kill you » I intentionally put strong intonation for first syllable.
Charlie: « Fucking say what? »

My words made him confused and he bothered to use English.
I showed him my passport.

Charlie: « Oh, Shit!! Fucking Name!! »

Charlie asked everyone to see my passport.

Iranian: « Fucking Name!! »
American: « Fucking Name!! »
British: « Oh, Sucks!! »
Swedish: « Oh, Shit!! »
Russian: « Fuck!! I kill you first!! »

Birds of a feather flock together.
Everyone used dirty words or slang in their every sentence as well as Charlie.
I sometimes didn’t understand what they were talking about.
I asked them to repeat in many times.
It was getting pain in the neck for them.
They made Charlie translate for me.

A newcomer, Pakistani, joined our conversation.

Pakistani: « You can’t speak English? What’s your job? Charlie, Translate. »
Me: « Wait. Wait. I can understand such an easy thing. »
Pakistani: « Stay out of this! What’s your job? Charlie, Translate. »
Me: « Well. Well. I explain how less expensive than you think in Japan without Charlie just before. » I said to American.
American: « Fucking expensive Japan!! »
Me: « Well. Well. We talk about the Chinese Communist Party without Charlie just before. » I said to Russian.
Russian: « Crap!! »
Me: « OK. OK. Charlie, Translate for me. »
Pakistani: « What’s your job? »
Charlie: « 仕事何してんねん?(In Phonetic Japanese: shigoto nani shiten nen?) »
Me: « プログラマ »
Charlie: « Fucking Programmer. »
Pakistani: « Programmer? You don’t use English? How long have you learned English? »
Charlie: « 英語何年勉強してんねん?(In Phonetic Japanese: Eigo nannen benkyo shiten nen?) »
Me: « 10年以上かな?(In Phonetic Japanese: 10 nen ijyou kana?) »
Charlie: « Fucking over 10 years. »
Pakistani: « Holy Crap!! You asshole!! »
Charlie: « お前あほやな(In Phonetic Japanese: omae aho yana.) »
Me: « それ訳さなくていいから(In Phonetic Japanese: sore yakusa nakute iikara.)(In English: I know. No need to translate.) »

Pakistani: « You can be a translator. You can make fortune. »
Charlie: « I can’t » said he modestly.
It might be my turn. It would be embarrassing he give himself credit.
I lifted no English policy.
Me: « Let me explain. It is ridiculous that he become a translator. He can be a stand-up comedian. His Japanese is so great, awesome and marvelous. If Charlie and I argued in Japanese, I would lose. »
The Pakistani listened to me, although he ignored my English until then.

Charlie had traveled all over the world around Asia until then.
He is surely somewhere in Asia today.
He lives my ideal life like an eternal nomad.

Charlie, I know you are the one who hesitates to take your picture.
So, I didn’t.
But, I never forget you.
Untidy beard and lack of front teeth.
See you someday, somewhere, Charlie!!

(1) On the way to ‘Wisdom of Path’

(2) Wisdom of Path

(3) Wisdom of Path

(4) Cable Car to Ngong Ping 360

(5) Ngong Ping 360 Rescue Trail

(6) Ngong Ping 360 Rescue Trail

(7) Buddha in Ngong Ping 360

(8) I forget. Maybe here is Wong Tai Sin Temple(黄大仙祠)

(9) Yuen Yuen Institue(圓玄學院)

(10) Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree(林村許願樹)

(11) Chinese Lunar New Year Fireworks at Victoria Harbour

(12) Commercial Shooting? at Jordan

(13) Commercial Shooting? at Jordan


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