Kidney Biopsy at Shin-Urayasu Juntendo University Hospital(Pain!PAIN!PAIIIN!), Jul 29 – Aug 3, 2013

I have been suffering from ‘High Protein Urine’ and ‘Occult Blood’ for 6 years.
I’m not sure whether it is unfortunate or not,
I don’t feel anything.
There is no subjective symptom.
These days, some cylinders are found in my urine sediment.
Plus I’m already 40 years old.
So, I made up my mind to take kidney biopsy.

I was hospitalized at Shin-Urayasu Juntendo University Hospital from Jul 29th to Aug 3rd, 2013.
Speaking of Shin-Urayasu Juntendo University Hospital,
Ivica Osim was also hospitalized with stroke long time ago.


I don’t know much about soccer.
He was a manager of the Japanese national soccer team.
Perphaps almost every Japanese knows him.
I’m not sure, but he is probably a worldwide well-known person and receives respect from Balkan people.
Yugoslavia was torn apart due to ethnic conflict about 20 years ago.
I hope Balkan people don’t put their ethnic emotion into Osim.
Nope, it might be wishful thinking.
Europe is the cradle of hooligan.

Anyway, back to my story.
Before be hospitalized, I read several blogs.
So, I could draw a mental picture what would be going on.
However, it was beyond my imagination.
I had to bear 3 major pains.

(1) An anesthetic injection for biopsy is an acute pain.
My doctor inserted a needle with a diameter of over 5mm, like a core of pencil, to a depth of over 5cm.

There is more to this. I got an extra pain.
Usually, kidney biopsy is done for your left kidney.

Dr.A: « Deep breath and stop. Umm, his kidney is still moving. Right one is better? »
Dr.B: « Just do as usual. Move on. »

After an injection for my left side, with looking at the display of ultrasound machine,

Dr.A: « Umm, I can see your bowel overlapped on your kidney. Sorry. For your safety, I’ll do for your right side. »
Me: « A, All right. ( SERIOUSLY!? You are saying different words from what you said. ) »

My doctor gave me another injection for my right side.

(2) A tube for urination was inserted.
This is because any move are not allowed after biopsy.
It is an acute pain as well.
Moreover, for 2 days after taking off the tube, hurts lingered during peeing.

This story is not all.
This tube was inserted by a young and beautiful nurse.
She took off my underpants and grabbed my pXnXs with no hesitation.
I said to myself « Don’t erect! Don’t erect! »

(3) I had to lie on my back and keep still for 15 hours after biopsy.
No any move of upper body. No bending my legs, No turning over.
Just keep still. Neck and arms are only allowed to move.
This hurts my back and is a dull pain.
I took this pain lightly, even though I knew by others’ blogs.
I believed that comics and books would distract me.
However, this pain gradually afflicted me. It was like a torture.
I couldn’t resist my pain.
I called a nurse every 3 hour,
« Would you give me a painkiller shot?
Would you give me a sleeping pill?
I’m dying. »
I’m sure if I were a spy and caught, I would confess everything.

The total cost for hospitalization was 85,460yen.

After out of hospital,
I was not allowed to do what most people can do for one month.
No run, No sports, No stairs, No twist my back, No cross my legs while sitting.

It’s OK. I’m lazy by nature.
At that time, I didn’t have no way to know that  Mt. Pinnacles, Borneo Island in Malaysia , sneered at me being supposed to climb on 14th of September, 2013.


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