The Pinnacles, Gunung Mulu National Park in Malaysia(Jenney and Aiaisan), Sep 14, 2013

The dawn broke.
This is the day to climb the Pinnacles.
According to a Camp 5 staff, the ridge length is 2.4km and the altitude is 1,200m.
In short, the slope angle is 30 degree.
If you were me, you would be so exciting you couldn’t contain yourself.
But, I was in gloomy mood.

First of all, I couldn’t sleep well.
I slept only around 1 hour.
Chill made me wide awake.

Second of all, my all clothes for trekking were still soaking wet.
I could wear my clothes for sleeping.
Considering night chill, I didn’t want to ruin my sleeping clothes.
Soaking clothes made me more depressed.

And on top of everything else,
I got a blood blister on my right index toe which I got the day before.
At first, I thought my toe’s nail was ripped off.
Actually, it was not ripped off.
But, a blood blister was swollen and uplifted my nail.
I could move my toe’s nail back and forth.
So, I misread my toe’s nail was ripped off.
It hurt just at a touch.
No doubt it really hurt when I wore my shoes.

I felt blue even before trekking.
Around 6:40AM we started climbing the Pinnacles.
30 minutes or so later from the start,
I couldn’t follow the rest of members.
I walked with favoring my injured right toe.
Uncomfortable walking made my left toe hurt as well.
I got out of breath.
My eyes got sweat and sore.
I took off my glasses and wiped out my face every 10 step.
I told the tour guide my decision
that I would manage to climb to the mini pinnacles but get down after that.

I reached to the mini pinnacles around 7:30AM.
It was within maximum limit time, 1 hour.
I was still allowed to climb.
But, my decision never changed.

It is the mini pinnacles, but it’s not mini for me.
Never mind. I did well.
This is my way. I think first my safety.

I got down slowly with enjoying landscape.
I reached to the Camp 5 around 9:45AM.
While I did the laundry,
I watched local people cutting down a big tree
which fell down with big sound.
I’ve never seen this before.
A travel goddess still smiled at me.

When I hung around Camp 5,
I met a local woman and Camp 5 staff named Jenny.
I told her I couldn’t climb to the top.
She said to me,
« If you don’t, you can never tell. »
Jenny gave me her words of wisdom.

Jenny told me that she helped a Japanese girl in the dead of night the other day.
She carried a Japanese girl on her back and went down 600m altitude alongside steep slope.

We opened a Malay-English-Japanese class.
She can speak Japanese a little.
Especially she knows Japanese name of some animals and insects.
Jenny: « I know ‘ななふし(In phonetic Japanese: Nanafushi)(In English: a stick insect) »
Me: « Oh, you know ‘Nanafushi’. I forget. What do we call ‘Nanafushi’ in English. »
Jenny: « Cicada. »
Me: « Ahhh. I heard of that. But, I’ve never seen ‘Nanafushi’ in my eyes before. »
Jenyy: « You can see ‘Nanafushi’ here. »
Me: « Really? I don’t know what to say. ‘Nanafushi’ is a kind of long long shape. »
Jenny: « Japanese ‘Nanafushi’ may be long. They also chirp. »
Me: « They chirp? I’ve never thought of that. I’d like to hear. »
Jenny: « You can. Don’t you hear now? »
Me: « Now? »
I listened carefully. The sounds reminded me of the Japanese meaning of ‘cicada’.
Me: « Ahhh. It’s ‘せみ(In phonetic Japanese: semi)(In English: cicada)’. It’s not ‘Nanafushi’. »
Jenny and I had a pleasant time in the afternoon.

In the evening, at dinner time, I joined Camp 5 staff’s conversation.
I sat next to a guy named Aiaisan.
He cracked jokes many times.
With each joke, he said phonetically « Hengoooon! » and
push my shoulder with his shoulder.

He knows well Japanese dirty words about sex.
It was too much obscene, filthy and disgusting to write here.
Who taught Aiaisan those dirty words?
I’m the only one who can teach him elegant and graceful Japanese words.

On the next day just before leaving Camp 5,
I said to him,
Me: « I give you a new Japanese word. »
Aiaisan: « What’s that? »
Me: « ぼいんちゃん(In phonetic Japanese: boin chan) »
Aiaisan: « What does it mean? »
Me: « Big bXXbs!! »

(1) Camp 5 staff

(2) Mini Pinnacles

(3) On the way to the Pinnacles

(4) On the way to the Pinnacles

(5) On the way to the Pinnacles

(6) On the way to the Pinnacles

(7) The entrance to the Pinnacle way

(8) Camp 5

(9) Camp 5


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