Kenyalang Cave, Gunung Mulu National Park in Malaysia(Avi!!This is what I want hear from you.), Sep 17th, 2013

On the 17th of September 2013,
I took part in Kenyalang Cave tour in the morning.
I faced a difficulty from the entrance through
where one person could barely pass.
Plus after passing through there,
I found a huge hollow under my feet.
I’m not sure, but the depth may be 10 – 20m.
If you fell down, you would surely not only break your arms and legs but die.
There is neither suspension bridge nor plank.
What is worse was that neither rope nor harness were prepared for us.
We must hold rocks tightly with both hands and
step on rocks firmly with both legs like bouldering.

I do bouldering. It’s a piece of cake.
I stickily held onto the cliff like Spider-Man.
I bravely flew through the air like Super-Man.
I silently jumped step by step like Ninja.

No more lie.
Once more lie would make H-san mad who is a leader of Takasu free climbing club.
I do bouldering just a few times this year.
I forget how to move.
I stepped on rocks with tremble like a just born pony.
I whined loudly like an acting up kid.
I sweated a lot like Niagara Falls.
I must have damage underground ecosystem.
Some microbes must have be startled.

In this tour, I was with an Indian couple whose husband’s name is Avi.
We were on the same tour(Deer & Langs Cave) before that day.
I’ve never talked with Indian until then,
besides curry restaurants’ staff or someone trying to deceive me.
We didn’t talk together during the Deer & Langs Cave tour.

We broke the ice at the Bat Observatory on the previous day.
When they took each picture, I asked them to take their picture.
We talked a lot from the Ganges River’s pollution till radioactive contamination in Fukushima.
I told Avi that I eat Fukushima-grown vegetables and fruits almost everyday.
But, he never changed his opinion, « I never go to Japan. »

Anyway, it doesn’t matter.
I have what I want to hear from Avi.
Chances are everywhere.
We stayed at the same dormitory.
We took dinner together.
But I hesitated to ask you.
It’s a kind of offensive to you, especially at dinner.
It’s a kind of trouble for me, if you do in front of me.
I don’t have such a fetish.

That is how you wash your butt with a bucket at toilet.
I get the hang of how to wash my butt with a shower during this Malaysia trip.
I do this at my home when hot.
But, how do I use a bucket?
I always make all wet around me.
Furthermore, even though you can do well, is it tough in winter?

I found a useful site titled « How to use the toilet in India« .
I can imagine by his words, but I’m not sure yet.
The thing is that it’s clear to see others doing on the spot.
But, it’s hideous, awful and horrible just to imagine.
All I need to do might be to put in practice over and over.


On the 19th of September 2013,
I went to an Indian Temple named ‘Sri Mahamariamman Temple’
in Kuala Lumpur.

That day was in the middle of Chinese Lantern Festival.
Volunteer staffs served me an Indian food for nothing.
They usually do that on special days like that day.
According to them, doing good things bring in good karma.

I have gotten them wrong so far.
Some Indian might be evil, but some are surely generous.
I’d like to go to India to see deep inside someday.
If you want to trick me, do whatever you want.
I just tell a lie again.
I hope you give me warm welcome!!

(1) Kenyalang Cave(Entrance)

(2) Kenyalang Cave

(3) Mulu Airport

(4) Mulu Airport(Airplane Landing)

(5) Sri Mahamariamman Temple

(6) These foods are served at Sri Mahamariamman Temple


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