Pub Crawl, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia(One Night Spree with J,Y,H!!), Sep 19th, 2013

On the 19th of September around noon,
I went back to the Travel Hub with full smile.
I got a fabulous and ethnic long-sleeves at Central Market.
I was going to change my clothes, upon arriving at the guest house.

When I opened my room’s door,
a guy lying on his bed said hello to me.
I was startled.
Until in the morning, all people were Hispanic in my room.
I was kept out of the loop.

The guy named Y, from Netherlands, asked me.
Y: « Do you know any interesting places? »
Me: « Tonight, Chinese Lantern Festival. Come with me? »
Y: « Sure! I just come here. I have a jet lag. »
Me: « OK. I come back here at 6PM. »
Y: « Don’t rush. Take it easy! »

I hung around Chinatown again and spent relaxing time.
I was back to the Travel Hub around 6PM.
Another roommates were there with Y.
The one was a guy named J from Taiwan.
The other was a girl named H from Japan.

We went to Chinatown to have dinner.
We introduces each other at a stall.
All of them are travel monsters,
even though they are 15-20 years younger than me.
J has been driving his bicycle for about 1 month from China to Kuala Lumpur.
Y was going to spend 1 month in Thailand.
H has already spent 1 month in Thailand and Vietnam.
Whereas I spent only 8days in Malaysia.

J and Y know well Japanese comics, such as ‘Dragon Ball‘,’One Piece‘ and ‘Naruto‘.
I don’t know much about all of them.
I know ‘Goku‘ and ‘Kamehameha‘.
That’s just all I know.
But, I’d like to write about one thing.
In my opinion, ‘Dr. Slump‘ is the most brilliant, fabulous and fantastic among Akira Toriyama‘s works.

While we watched martial arts show in Chinese Lantern Festival,
another 2 tourists seemed to ask J to drink.
That’s J. He can get along with everyone.

Pub Crawl‘.
That’s the name.
It’s not bar’s name.
It’s rather a drink tour.
Nope, more accurate to say, it’s a spree tour.
This spree tour takes us to 5 bars.
Each bar gives us 1 free drink.
You have to pay for another drinks.
But, the initial cost in total is 70RM.

Join when you are in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday or Saturday,
you’ll soon get to know this is for party-goers.
I found pictures on that day on Pub Crawl’s Facebook.

Over 40 drinkers joined this spree tour.
All are from various countries.
I list as many as I remember,
Germany, Switzerland, Nigeria, Australia, USA, Canada,
Taiwan(J), Netherlands(Y) and Japan(H and Me).
Most are students, some expats and some tourists like me.
I’m not sure. But, Most are 20s. Only few might be 30s.
It should be said whether it was an honor or an embarrassment.
I might be the only one who is over 40 years old.

There were around 10 German students.
But, it seemed they’ve never met each other before.
They came to expand the wave of exchange.
Actually, their major are various,
such as pharmacy, physics, chemistry, economics and law.

I feel jealous of them.
I didn’t have such an idea to study abroad in my school days.
I feel jealous of J,Y and H.
I wish I could travel abroad for over 1 month in my school days.
These days, I think I’m cut out for overseas life.

No matter how jealous of them, they have their own problems.
Some worried about girl/boyfriends they left in their motherland.
Some worried about their career.
I advised them,
« Don’t do what you like best as your job.
Do what you like second best as your job. »
Embarrassing to say by myself, these are my first words of wisdom.

It was a blast night.
What if I was not in Kuala Lumpur on the 19th of September?
What if I didn’t stay at Travel Hub?
What if I didn’t meet J,Y and H?
All was miracle.
The travel goddess smile at me till the last.

On the next day,
H already left Travel Hub towards Taiwan.
I went to my room to make sure J and Y were awake around 10AM.
Fortunately, J was awake.
Thankfully, J carried my baggage down to the entrance.

J: « ありがとう.さよなら. »
Me: « 谢谢.再見. »
We said thanks and goodbye each other with the other’s own language.

(1) Pub Crawl leaflet at Travel Hub

(2) Chinatown with J,Y,H,Me

(Photo Credit: J)

(3) Sri Mahamariamman Temple with J,Y,H,Me

(Photo Credit: J)

(4) Chinese Lantern Festival with J,Y,H,Me

(Photo Credit: J)

(5) Chinese Lantern Festival with J,Y,H,Me

(Photo Credit: J)

(6) Travel Hub with J,Y,H,Me

(Photo Credit: J)

(7) LUST – The last pub on Pub Crawl

(8) Chinese Lantern Festival – Martial Arts[Kids]

(9) Chinese Lantern Festival – Martial Arts[Long Baton vs Long Baton]


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