Daruma Woman – Japanese Horror Story

Empress Lü Zhi(吕后): It is said that she amputated her political foe's arms and legs.

Empress Lü Zhi(吕后): It is said that she amputated her political foe’s arms and legs.

Reference From: 昨日見た夢と今日知る現実:http://definitely.exblog.jp/8137459/

I posted about Daruma. There are some scary urban legend about Daruma.Here is one of them(Kowai-Hanashi(怖い話)/Horror Story:http://kowaihanashi.sitemix.jp/?p=118).

This is about the story that a young couple went to Hong Kong for their holidays.

They unknowingly hung around one of  tougher neighborhoods and found a boutique. The wife loved a clothes and got into a fitting room with it.
But, she didn’t get out, although time went by. Her slowness made her husband look into the fitting room. Oddly enough there was no one.
He was so surprised that he asked staffs what happened to his wife.
However, all staffs claimed they’ve never seen her and she haven’t come here,  as if they teamed up to lie. He couldn’t count on them.
Although he asked local police to search her, he couldn’t get a clue.
Since then, he searched her by himself for a while. There was no way he could stay in Hong Kong forever. He couldn’t help but going back to Japan without her.

One year passed by since then. He  visited to Hong Kong again as soon as he took long vacations. Needless to say, he was there to search his wife.
He went all around Hong Kong with his wife’s photo. But, he couldn’t get any clues about her at that time. As his holidays dwindled, he physically and mentally felt so exhausted that  he was getting to think over to return to Japan. At that time he passed in front of a freak show house which had sign “Japanese Daruma“. Although he was not interested in a freak show, excessive fatigue, need for a bit of distraction and the sign “Japan” attracted him to this show. However, he looked away from a thing in a second. He regretted being there. This is because there was an amputated woman without a stitch of clothing on show. The woman’s tongue appeared to be pulled out. She kept screaming silently. This dismal show made him leave in a moment. However, something stuck on his mind. He stared at the face of this woman. The woman was his missing wife.

He reached a settlement with local mafias by handing over big cash in return for his wife. No wonder it was cruel. His wife has already gone insane. She is still hospitalized somewhere in Japan.
She has been giving a moan in despair…


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