How deep does Daruma penetrate our life in Japan?

I’d like to post one more Daruma article because it’s a bit of bad taste to finish Daruma story with horror.

Daruma(だるま) is one of  traditional dolls in Japan. I don’t think Daruma culture will disappear. However, honestly to say, there are few chances to see Daruma nowadays. Here are some cases which contribute to keep Daruma culture.

☆ Daruma is very busy during election season.

Do you know when is the high season to see Daruma in Japan?
It’s a election period. Look at the below picture! Daruma is a indispensable companion for election. Before election, candidates draw an eye to make a wish to win a victory.

Daruma, Election, Japan

Daruma Doll & Making a wish to win a victory in election
Reference from: Masaharu Nakagawa

After then, put and enshrine Daruma on the altar.

Daruma on the altar

Enshrine Daruma on the altar
Reference From: 蔵太心の温故創新

If they win an election and their wish come true, they draw an eye on the other hand.

Daruma, Election, Japan

Draw an eye on the other hand, after win.
Reference From: Yomiuri Online

I don’t know what they do if they lose an election, whether they draw an eye. In my opinion, they should draw. If not so, I feel like losing my eye.

☆ The proverb « 7 downs, 8 ups » is derived from Daruma.

Daruma, 7 downs, 8 ups

7 downs, 8 ups
Reference From: YAMAちゃん☆お絵描きDIARY

There is a proverb related with Daruma: « Nana-Korobi-Ya-Oki(七転び八起き)/7 downs, 8 ups« .This means that if you tumble 7 times, you should stand up 8 times. In another words, « Never-give-up spirit, no matter how many times you go into trouble. » As you know, Daruma is a round shape and has its weight on the bottom. Daruma can stand up by itself, even though you push and roll it.You might think, « Why 7 downs, 8 ups? Is it right to say 7 downs, 7 ups? What’s one-extra-up? ». I found a informative site(わかったかブログ: that answer this question.

Babies cannot walk just after born. At first, they can hold theris heads up. Then, they can turn in bed. Then, they can crawl. At last, they can stand up by themselves under their parents’ help. One-extra-up means this proverb include the very first opportunity to stand up after birth. It implies that people cannot live alone and people can live with their support together.

☆ Daruma video for 1-year-old kids!!

Here is a Daruma video for 1-year-old kids by a children’s nurse( Some viewers leave their appreciation on Youtube comment. Although it speaks Japanese, I hope this video helps your whining baby turn into laughter!!

☆ Physical comedy by copying Daruma

This video « MEGWIN.TV( » shows physical comedy.
He claims not to lie on the ground by putting weight on the foot like Daruma.
How did it come out? You may think it’s ridiculous. Yeah, I’m with you.
That’s one of Japanese traits!

2 réponses à “How deep does Daruma penetrate our life in Japan?

  1. Ahhh … You stand up first, then you fall, and you stand up again. That goes the cycle hence stnad 8 times, 1 more number above the 7 times fumble. I have a daruma that I haven’t drawn eyes yet. I’m saving it when I run for President. 😀

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