Steroid Pulse For Iga Nephropathy Treatment(2nd), Japan, Jan 17-20, 2014

View from 5th floor at Juntendo Urayasu University Hospital

View from 5th floor at Juntendo Urayasu University Hospital

This is my second course of steroid pulse for Iga Nephropaty treatment.
Until this course of treatment, I took these medicines.

Everyday(after breakfast)
1 Livalo for high cholesterol
1 Nexium for peptic ulcer
1 Edirol for osteoprosis

Every other day
20mg prednisolone (after breakfast)
10mg prednisolone (after lunch)

In previous post, I wrote about side effects of steroid pulse.I found another side effect which my doctor didn’t mention. Sorry for disgusting, this is constipation. I couldn’t dump for 10 days after out of hospital.
I’ve never experienced such a thing in my life. Although I didn’t feel bloated, gassy and abdominal discomfort, I felt a bit unease.
I got over this trouble by eating an apple, a banana, 200ml yogurt, a sweet potato, nattō and burdock root everyday. Fiber, fiber, fiber!! In short, I tried to stir up fiber riots inside my bowel. I’m not sure which ones work well. The last 3 ones are Japanese unique foods.
In that sense, I feel blessed to be a Japanese.

Here is my hospital life.

Day 1 – Jan 17th(Fri), 2014
09:30AM  I checked in my hospital, Juntendo Urayasu University Hospital.
10:00AM  A nurse took me to a bed near the window in the south room which commands a view of city. It was a lovely day with clear blue skies and radiant sun. Despite winter, I sweated a lot.
10:30AM  blood and urine sampling. A needle for intravenous drips was inserted into a vein on the left arm.
12:30PM  Lunch

Jan 17th, Lunch

02:30PM intravenous drips start. Solu-medrol 500mg.
02:40PM I was called to visit oto-rhino-laryngology department.
I have pollen allergy. I always have a headache in pollen season.
Through my experience, fever makes kidney function work bad like brownish-red urination. Although my doctor insisted that pollen allergy and fever are unrelated, I’ve already taken so many medicines for IgA Nephropathy treatment that I make up mind to take a laser treatment.

My doctor handed me a report on allergy examination.
As expected, I’m extremely vulnerable to cedar pollen.

Test Item Class Observed Value(UA/mL)
mold specific IgE 0 0.28
vernal grass 0 < 0.10
orchard grass 0 < 0.10
hogweed 0 < 0.10
wormweed 0 < 0.10
cedar 5 54.2
hinoki cypress 2 2.16
cat dandruff 2 1.25
dog dandruff 1 0.37
mite 0 0.33
house dust 1 0.45

02:50PM My nostrils were washed and packed with 3 long strips of gauze.
I was left alone for 30 minutes.

03:20PM a laser operation started.
All gauze were pulled out. My doctor administered local anesthesia in my right nostril and burnt it with laser. It pricked a bit. I smelt burning.

03:30PM next was left.

03:40PM As soon as all was done, nosebleed fell down.
I stuffed my nostrils with a sheet of tissue paper each other.
I looked a dork, so I wore a medical mask.
I found my blood flow back through intravenous tube.
I was back to my room in a hurry to pull out intravenous tube.

06:30PM Dinner

  • Salt-Grilled Yellowtail and sweetened-boiled carrot(Upper Right)
  • Simmered carrots and potatoes(Upper Center)
  • Porridge(Lower Center)
  • Miso Soup(Lower Right)
  • Apple(Upper Left)
  • Powdered Starch Jelly(Center Left)

Jan 17th, Dinner

10:30PM Although lights already were off, my nurse prescribed me these medicines for after-laser treatment with saying she forget to hand me.
Singulair 10mg, Xyzal 5mg, Allermist nasal spray.

Day 2 – Jan 18th(Sat), 2014
08:15AM Breakfast

  • Simmered carrots, potatoes and green peas(Upper Right)
  • Chinese Cabbages(Lower Left)
  • Porridge(Lower Right)
  • Yogurt(Upper Right)

Jan 18th, Breakfast

08:40AM I took these medicine: 1 Livalo, 1 Nexium , 1 Edirol
10:05AM intravenous drips start: Solu-medrol 500mg.
11:50AM I’m not sure. Early Lunch

Jan 18th, Lunch

12:05PM I noticed intravenous drips were done, so I called my nurse. She said she would come to me right away. But, she didn’t. I was left for a while. Anyway, a good thing is that nosebleed finally stopped.
12:45PM I noticed my blood flow back, so I called my nurse again. At this time, she did right away.

6:25PM Dinner

  • Sauteed Pork with tomato sauce(Upper Right)
  • Macaroni Salad(Center Left)
  • Porridge(Lower Center)
  • Sumashi-jiru/clear soup(Lower Right)
  • Grapes(Upper Left)
  • Powdered Starch Jelly(Lower Left)

Jan 18th, Dinner

Day 3 – Jan 19th(Sun), 2014
08:10AM Breakfast

  • Simmered carrots and cabbages with Japanese style scrambled eggs(Upper Right)
  • Boiled Komatsuna/Japanese mustard spinach (Lower Right)
  • Porridge(Lower Left)
  • Yogurt(Upper Right)

Jan 19th, Breakfast

08:20AM I took these medicine: 1 Livalo, 1 Nexium , 1 Edirol
10:30AM intravenous drips start: Solu-medrol 500mg.
11:45AM intravenous drips were done. A needle was pulled out. I felt a freedom.
12:15PM Lunch

  • Similar to bean curd, but I don’t know the exact name of this food and green pepper (Upper Right)
  • Simmered Radish and Peas(Upper Center)
  • Porridge(Lower Center)
  • Sumashi-jiru/clear soup(Lower Right)
  • Oranges(Upper Left)
  • Orange Sherbet(Lower Left)

Jan 19th, Lunch

6:15PM Dinner

  • Simmered Cod and green hot peppers(Upper Right)
  • Namasu/Kuai(Lower Left)
  • Porridge(Lower Center)
  • Miso Soup(Lower Right)
  • Half Banana(Upper Left)
  • Powdered Starch Jelly(Center Left)

Jan 19th, Dinner

Day 4 – Jan 20th(Mon), 2014
08:15AM Breakfast

  • Sauteed Chicken and Cauliflowers(Upper Right)
  • Cabbages and Carrots Soup(Lower Right)
  • Porridge(Lower Left)
  • Yogurt(Upper Right)

Jan 20th, Breakfast

Me: « I’d like to check out as soon as possible. »
Nurse: « Ahhhh!! You check out today? »
Me: « Ahhh!! Yes. Yes. My doctor said to me that today is the last day. Look at this. »
I showed her my schedule note. The nurse called my doctor right away.
However, my doctor also forgot I would leave on that day.

Phew. How can they forget? This hospital is well-spoken like well-skilled doctors and clean facilities, but they sometimes make mistakes. This might be because of beyond their capacity. I know. I know their feelings. With excessive works, I also don’t have any rooms in my brain to keep details. But, in my opinion, they are too much obsessed with their rules. They seem to increase their jobs by themselves. Cut corners a bit!!

It was a waste of time to get my report on examination for blood and urine sampling during this hospitalization. I’d like to get it next hospitalization.


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