Akatsuka Fujio Museum(赤塚不二夫会館) – It’ll be all right!!, Ōme, Japan


Fujio Akatsuka(赤塚不二夫) is one of manga legends in Japan.

He left many great works, but I’d like to introduce his heartwarming episode.Reference From: http://bizmakoto.jp/makoto/articles/1212/31/news003.html

Fujio Akatsuka handed an original manuscript to an editor just before deadline. However, a big trouble waited them.

Editor: « I left and lost your manuscript on a taxi. »
He went back with pale. He couldn’t contact with a taxi driver.
But, he had to hand the manuscript to a printing office.
They were be in a real fix!!
However, Fujio Akatsuka didn’t get mad.
Fujio Akatsuka: « I have a rough and can still draw again. »
What do you think Fujio Akatsuka said next?

Fujio Akatsuka: « We still have a time. Go for a drink!! »
These words surely come from his generosity for the editor.
He again drew the same manuscript and handed it to the editor.
Fujio Akatsuka: « This is the second. So, I can draw pretty better before. »

There is more to this.
The lost manuscript was sent from the taxi company to Fujio Akatsuka after one week.
Fujio Akatsuka:  » Keep it!! Not to repeat the same mistake. »
The editor had kept this manuscript to keep in mind not to do so again.

Akatsuka Fujio Museum

Akatsuka Fujio Museum

Bakata Shrine

Bakata Shrine

Bakabon Family

Bakabon Family

Bakabon's Papa

Bakabon’s Papa

Official Site(Japanese)
Open Hours
10:00AM – 5:00PM
Closed Mondays , year-end and new year holidays.
450 yen
66 Sumie, Ōme, Tokyo
8 minutes walk from Ōme station which is 80 minutes away from Tokyo station by train.

Tokyo to Ōme Train Route

Tokyo to Ōme Train Route

Click: Akatsuka Fujio Museum on Google Map


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