Buri(鰤)/Yellowtail – Winter Food in Japan

« Buri(鰤)/Yellowtail » is one of representative winter foods in Japan.
Buri is written ぶり in hiraganaブリ in katakana in kanji.

Although  is one character, it can be decomposed into two characters,  and .As you may know, each kanji has its meaning.
 means a fish. Buri is absolutely a fish.That’s why the kanji of Buri has 魚.

How about ?   has some meanings.
One of the meanings is a honorific title for a Buddhist monk.
It is said that Buddhist monks are generally busy in the end of year.
Buddhist monks run here, there and everywhere in December.
The truth is not clear.
It is said that the number of death grows towards the end of the year.
It is said that Buddhist monks do a year-end cleaning at their temples.

The kanji which means run is .
師走 means December.
Actually, Buri gets its season from December to February.
The word  implies the season of Buri.

Sorry for making you bored.
The only thing that is good to know is that these three words « ぶり », « ブリ », « 鰤 » represent a yellowtail. It will be helpful, as you dine out in Japan.

Here is a restaurant where I’ve been to.

☆Marukami Suisan[Hachiōji Minamino](まるかみ水産[八王子みなみ野店])

At first, a staff ask you whether you smoke or not.
I don’t smoke, but I’d like to see a view of city. Fortunately, nobody was there, so I took a smoker’s seat. The inside looks like a street stall. The chair doesn’t have a back. There is an Ozashiki(お座敷) room where you must take off your shoes. This restaurant serves set menus and Donburi(丼)/Bowl menus. All Donburi is fish. However, half portion of set menus are meat, crispy baked foods: for example, grilled pork flavored with ginger, frittered chicken flavored with tartar sauce, crispy baked shrimp and crispy baked oyster . It’s little dark to read.Marukami Susisan is a restaurant chain. The parent company’s home pages are not well-managed. It’s difficult to look for where Marukami Suisan restaurants are.

My Opinion
Although set menus are almost 1,000 yen, considering set menus come with Nattō and a dessert, I can say it’s affordable. Plus, you can have bowls of rice as much as you can. As longs as I skim through others’ blogs, they complain about services: for example, ushered table is wet, a size of plates is not for groups, shredded cabbages smell fishy, and nobody is there when checking out, and so on. Umm…, the last one sounds very Japanese. If not in Japan, everybody will eat and run. Of course, there is a good opinion. A blogger says that the inside paths are designed for wheelchairs and strollers. My opinion? Food and price are well that ends well. It’s still worth revisiting!!

Taste                           : ***
Amount                     : ****
Value                          : **
Quickness                 : ***
Friendliness             : ***
Brightness                : **
Recommendation  :  ***

Marukami Suisan(まるかみ水産)

Marukami Suisan(まるかみ水産)

Marukami Suisan(まるかみ水産)

This restaurant commands a view of city.



Picture Menu(Lunch:980yen)

  • Simmered Buri/Yellowtail , Radish, Eggplant and Sweet Green Pepper in broth flavored with soy sauce, Mirin, sugar, sake and gingers(Upper Left) – we call it « Buri Daikon » – usually only Buri and Radish.
  • Pickled Radish(Lower Right)
  • Nattō on Rice(Lower Left)
  • Miso Soup(Lower Center)
  • Agar Jelly(Upper Right)
Buri Daikon

Buri Daikon

Set Menu at Marnukami(まるかみ水産)

Set Menu

Donburi/Bowl Menu at Marukami Suisan(まるかみ水産)

Donburi/Bowl Menu

Tabelog Site(Japanese):
Open Hours
Lunch: 11:00AM – 2:30PM
Dinner: 5:00PM – 11:30PM
Weekends&Public Holidays
Lunch: 11:00PM – 3:00PM
Dinner: 4:30PM – 11:00PM
1-2-1 Minamino Accrossmall 2F, Hachioji, Tokyo
Click Here: Marumai Suisan on Google Map
JR Yokohama Line(JR横浜線)
5 minutes walk from Hachioji Minamino Station(八王子みなみ野駅)

Route to Hachioji Minamino from Tokyo

Route to Hachioji Minamino from Tokyo


8 réponses à “Buri(鰤)/Yellowtail – Winter Food in Japan

  1. « Umm…, the last one sounds very Japanese. If not in Japan, everybody will eat and run. » Hahahaha! That part totally cracks me up but it’s so true! If that happened somewhere else it is definitely a « thanks for the meal…gotta go » kind of thing! Hahahaha!

  2. looks like a great place to eat . Milu, and the Buri main dish looks so good. is the donburi sweet tasting or just regular soy sauce kind of taste? either way, it would be yummy.

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