Steroid Pulse for IgA Nephropathy Treatment(3RD) – Snow/Mt.Fuji, Japan, Feb 14-27, 2014

This is my third and final course of steroid pulse for Iga Nephropathy, kidney disease, treatment.
Here is my hospital life.

Day 0 – Feb 13th(Thri), 2014
12:15PM I got a call from a hospital staff.
Staff: « All  big rooms were full. Are you all right to stay in a room for 4 people? Extra fee is 3,150yen per day. »
Me: « Ugh…OK. » I nodded reluctantly.

Day 1 – Feb 14th(Fri), 2014
09:30AM  I checked in my hospital, Juntendo Urayasu University Hospital.
11:00AM  Blood & Urine Sampling
11:15AM  I hung around inside the hospital and found some big rooms had a vacant bed. I asked a nurse for room change. But, she turned it down and demanded that I should ask again on the next day. I granted it. It’s ridiculous!! I’m not convinced!!
2:00PM    Electrocardiogram/X-Ray
3:30PM    Needle for Intravenous Drips was inserted.
3:45PM-5:00PM  Steroid was administered.

Day 2 – Feb 15th(Sat), 2014
06:35AM Snow piled up on the road on Saturdays in a row. I heard from one patient snow fell  at record high in Yamanashi prefecture.

Snow View from Hospital

09:30AM-11:15AM  Steroid was administered.
11:30AM  I asked again a nurse for room change. She also turned it down but said that I could negotiate costs. Although I noticed she just made me feel better, I accepted it but was not convinced.

Day 3 – Feb 16th(Sun), 2014
10:30AM-12:15PM  Steroid was administered.
That was the last day of this treatment. I took pictures of intravenous drips.



Steroid is being administered

Steroid is being administered

It was lovely day. I took pictures of Mt.Fuji.

Mt.Fuji in the morning

Mt.Fuji in the morning

The sun went down in the right direction of Mt.Fuji.

The sun went down in the right direction of Mt.Fuji.

Day 4 – Feb 17th(Mon), 2014
7:15AM  Blood&Urine Sampling
10:45AM  I was at the reception. Even though I knew it would be no good, I asked.
Me: « Can I get a discount? »
Staff: « No. You already signed. »
Me: « I know. A nurse said to me I can get a discount. Plus, you told me a lie. I found a vacancy. »
Staff: « No. It’s for emergency. »
Me: « Umm…(Bureaucratic!!)…But, why 12,600yen? I just stayed for 3 nights. It should be 9,450yen. »
Staff: « It depends on stay days, not nights. »
Me: (Sucks!!)

No doubt university hospitals tend to bleed patients for money.
Regular visits seem to be asked more than by municipal or private hospitals. Complaints are endless. Waiting time is so long. When I asked my doctor for treatment, he said I could search it on the Internet. Doctors should have an obligation to explain. When I slept pleasantly, nurses made me awake for checkup, such as blood pressure and body temperature. I’d like to say they can do such a thing while sleeping. I’m not the only one who is a victim. Diabetes patients are not allowed to leave a hospital until the passing level of blood glucose. I saw some of them has kept staying for over 2 months. It looks like a house arrest. One of them complained about a hospital diet which is calculated by only calories. He said carbohydrate should be restricted, not vegetables. I’m with him. I usually eat vegetables more than at least 10 times at home as much as at this hospital.

The former municipal hospital had to contract its business and close a department of internal medicine due to Lehman Brothers shock. I had to change the municipal hospital to this hospital. The former hospital was better than any university hospitals which seem to see patients as guinea pigs.

Anyway, writing here let out my stress.
The point is not to think ever. Forget it!!
Much to my delight, I get a new phase today. I’d like to use it NOW!!
Let not the sun go down on your wrath!!

Here are my blood and urine sampling records.

  Blood Sampling Urine Sampling
Date BUN CREA eGFR pH SG Protein U TP OB U-Crea RBC WBC Sediment
Aug/7/2012 15 0.88 78 7.5 1.006 (+-) <=20 (3+) 53.6 16-20 1-5 1 hyaline cast
Dec/18/2012 16 0.87 NR 6.5 1.015 30 25H (3+) 118.0 NR NR NR
Apr/9/2013 13 0.84 81 5.5 1.019 100 47H (3+) 243.3 26-30 1-5 1 hyaline cast
2 red blood cell cast
Jun/11/2013 NCW NCW NCW 6.0 1.026 100 79H (3+) 337.3 many 1-5 1 red blood cell cast
3 hyaline fatty cast
Jul 29th – Aug 3rd, 2013
Kidney Biopsy
Aug/27/2013 14 0.85 80 6.0 1.012 30 37H (3+) 115.6 21-25 1-5 3 hyaline cast
1 granular cast
1 red blood cell cast
Aug 27th, 2013
I was diagnosed as IgA Nephropathy.
Oct 20th-28th, 2013
Nov/5/2013 15 0.83 83 6.5 1.031 300 121H (3+) 346.6 many 1-5 1 epithelial cast
1 granular cast
Dec/20/2013 17 0.99 68 6.5 1.016 100 48H (2+) 156.7 16-20 1-5 3 hyaline cast
Dec 21th-23rd, 2013
Steroid Pulse Treatment(1st)
Dec/24/2013 24H 0.80 86 6.0 1.022 (+-) <=20 (2+) 129.6 6-10 a few 1 hyaline cast
Jan/17/2014 20 1.05H 64 7.5 1.019 30 <=20 (1+) 144.7 1-5 1-5 2 amorphous salt
Jan 17th-20th, 2014
Steroid Pulse Treatment(2nd)
Jan/20/2014 24H 0.76 91 6.0 1.014 (-) <=20 (1+) 75.8 1-5 1-5 1 hyaline cast
Feb/14/2014 23H 1.08H 62 5.0 1.031 30 29 (2+) 346.0 6-10 1-5 1 hyaline cast
1 epithelial cast
2 granular cast
1 hyaline fatty cast
2 calcium oxalate crystal
Feb 14th-17th, 2014
Steroid Pulse Treatment(3rd)
Feb/17/2014 21 0.83 83 6.0 1.010 (-) <=20 (+-) 56.1 a few a few 1 hyaline cast

All results just after steroid pulse treatment is better. But, it seems to be backward one month later.
All steroid pulse treatment is done. How will my symptom go?
All I can do is to take these medicines.

Everyday(after breakfast)
1 Livalo for high cholesterol
1 Nexium for peptic ulcer
1 Edirol for osteoprosis

Every other day
20mg prednisolone (after breakfast)
10mg prednisolone (after lunch)

As long as I look back all procedures, I don’t want to take kidney biopsy.
It was a torture.


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