Takechiyo(竹千代) – Strongly Recommend Fish Restaurant – Kokusai Tenjijō(国際展示場), Japan

Tokyo Big Sight is one of the largest convention center in Japan.
The most poplar event, or should I say notorious?, is Comic Market.
The second biggest event may be Tokyo Motor Show.
Food, Furniture, Book, Information Technology, Environment, Robot, Travel, Design, Welfare, Career Fair….listing events is endless.
Plus, today, the 23rd of February in 2014, Tokyo Big Sight is a goal of Tokyo Marathon.

Do you know the most annoying thing around there? The number of restaurants is quite a few for people. People make a long line at every restaurant. My office is close to Tokyo Big Sight. Probably, there is no restaurant where I’ve never been to. I’d like to introduce one of them.



I found a newly-opened restaurant, Takechiyo(竹千代) in Autumn 2013. Its specialty is a fish, especially dried-fish. Plus, a tea cup allures me. Somehow, proverbs are on it. I forgot to take a closeup picture. I’d like to show what it says next time. All staffs doesn’t get used to doing their job yet. Plus, they start to cook after order. It takes time before you can eat, nonetheless at lunch time.

Payment is first, then a staff hand you a piece of Shogi.A number is written on the back of it. When a staff bring your food, she call you the number. As you hear your number, you just swing your hand. Unfortunately, the number is spoken in Japanese. But, maybe Japanese staffs will serve you well.

You can eat rice and miso soup as much as you can.

The back of a piece of Shogi. A staff call you with this number.

The back of a piece of Shogi. A staff call you with this number.

My Opinion
I strongly recommend. I can easily crunch bones of fish which makes me blissful. Grilled way is ideal and perfect. I’d like to conquer all the menu.

Taste                       : *****
Amount                   : ****
Value                       : ***
Quickness               : *
Friendliness           : *****
Brightness              : ***
Recommendation  :  *****

Grilled  Tsubodai(つぼ鯛)/Japanese Boarfish(Lunch:980yen)

Grilled Tsubodai(つぼ鯛)/Japanese Boarfish(Lunch:980yen)

Picture Menu(Lunch: 980yen)

  • Grilled Tsubo Dai(つぼ鯛)/Japanese Boarfish flavored withSaikyo Miso(西京味噌)(Upper Left) – Tsubo Dai is a rare and minor fish. It has a Betty Boop mouth, bulging eyes, pointy back fins and unbalanced body.
  • Grated raddish(Upper Right) – to put this on fish.
  • Pickled raddish(Lower Right)
  • Rice(Lower Left)
  • Miso Soup(Lower Right)
 Tsubo Dai(つぼ鯛)/Japanese Boarfish Reference From: WEB魚図鑑

Tsubo Dai(つぼ鯛)/Japanese Boarfish Reference From: WEB魚図鑑

Open Hours
Weekdays: 11:00AM – 10:30PM
Weekends: 11:00AM – 9:30PM
Ariake Central Tower 2nd Floor, 3-7.18, Ariake, Koto, Tokyo
Click Here: Takechiyo on Google Map
Rinkai Line(りんかい線):
7 minutes walk from Kokusaitenjijo Station(国際展示場駅)
Yurikamome Line(ゆりかもめ):
5 minutes walk from Kokusaitenjijoseimon Station(国際展示場正門駅)

Route to Kokusai Tenjijo Station from Tokyo Station


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  1. Hi Milu, our site features the best of food & drink posts around the world and I would like to seek your permission to feature in our site the 3 recommended fish restaurant posts you have. I will add in your blog post links and credit your blog as well. Hope to hear from you soon!

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