Slit Mouthed Woman(口裂け女) – Japanese Horror Story

Slit Mouthed Snow Woman

Slit Mouthed Snow Woman

When I went to Showa Retro Goods Museum at Ome,
I looked at this picture which reminds me of my elementary school days in 1980s. Every kid wanted to talk and hear about the truth of this woman. Some kids were too terrified to go to a restroom alone at night. Some kids added more spice on an original story to make it more horrific. Some schools forced their students to come and go to school with groups. Most kids in Japan went into a panic by one woman whose name is Kuchisake Onna(口裂け女)/Slit Mouthed Woman. There are various patterns of stories about this woman. But, these two are mainstream.

[Pattern A] 
Reference From : boy « A » was asked on the way from school to home by a woman.
Woman:  « Am I beautiful? »
She was wearing a big medical mask. The boy couldn’t see her face well. But, she had long-narrow eyes and a streamlined nose which made him figure out how she looked.
Boy « A »: « Yes, you are. »
She took off her mask.
Woman: « Do you think so, still? »
Her mouth was widely slit to her ears……

[Pattern B]
Reference From: boy was asked on the way from school to home by a woman wearing a red coat.
Woman: « Am I beautiful? »
Although she was wearing a medical mask, she seemed beautiful.
Boy: « Yeah, you are good-looking. »
She too off her mask and screamed.
Woman: « You still think sooooooooooooooooo!! »
Her mouth was slit to her ears. She pulled out a sickle out out her coat and jumped the boy. The boy run away in horror. However, the woman run incredibly fast and caught him in a moment. Then, she held him in a full nelson, thrust a sickle into his mouth and finally ripped his mouth to his ears.

Here are some images of slit mouthed woman.
The first image was taken on the film « Kuchisake-onna/Carved(2007)« .

Kuchisake-onna(Film:2007) Reference From: なにさま映画評

The second image was a costume.
The second one is scary, horrible and close to my image in my childhood.
No doubt I would be petrified, if she were in front of me.

Slit Mouthed Woman Costume

Slit Mouthed Woman Costume Reference From: Photozou

This is not about a slit mouthed woman. I found a horrible Japanese TV spot. It’s not for the squeamish!! In my opinion, Japanese horror blows my mind more than Holloywood horror.


6 réponses à “Slit Mouthed Woman(口裂け女) – Japanese Horror Story

  1. I wonder if The Joker in The Dark Knight was refenced to this horror story. Fascinating! How cool that such one story makes a communal versions. Cool!

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