Uofuku(魚福) – My Recommended Izakaya Restaurant – Kokusai Tenjijō(国際展示場)

Izakaya(居酒屋) is Japanese style drinking bar where people usually go to after work. Some Izakaya are open at lunch time and serve you with customer-oriented price dishes. Here is one of them.



Uofuku(魚福) provides a unique service. You can choose 2 dishes out of around 10 dishes. You can choose whatever you want. The charge is 850yen. There is more to this. You can eat rice, miso soup, egg and salad as much as you want!! I can easily find bottomless rice and miso soup serving restaurant. Bottomless eggs and salad serving restaurant is rare. It looks like an all-eat-you-can restaurant!! Plus, as for rice, egg and salad, you can serve by yourself. No matter how shy, it’s no problem to ask a staff for the second rice. However, it’s a little bit embarrassing to ask for the third rice. Serving by yourself solves this problem. Plus, literally I can say bottomless, you can eat as much as you want!!

My Opinion
No more words. I say everything above.

Taste                       : ***
Amount                   : *****
Value                       : ***
Quickness               : ****
Friendliness           : *****
Brightness              : ***
Recommendation  :  ****

Uofuku(魚福) - Lunch - 850 yen

Uofuku(魚福) – Lunch – 850 yen

Japanese Restaurant Guide Gurunavi(English):
TOC Ariake building 3F, 3-5-7, Ariake, Koutou-ku, Tokyo, 135-0063
Click Here: Uofuku on Google Map
Rinkai Line(りんかい線):
5 minutes walk from Kokusaitenjijo Station(国際展示場駅)
Yurikamome Line(ゆりかもめ):
7 minutes walk from Kokusaitenjijoseimon Station(国際展示場正門駅)


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