Konaki Jiji(子泣き爺)/Old Man Crying like a Baby – Japanese Horror Story

Konaki Jiji(子泣き爺)/An old man crying like a baby

Konaki Jiji(子泣き爺)/An old man crying like a baby
drawn by Shigeru Mizuki(水木しげる)

I learn English from Filipino teachers on an online school. After I talked one of my teachers about Japanese mythology, she shared me about a vampire called Tiyanak in Philippine mythology.

At that time, I forgot. But, I remember there is a similar goblin called Konaki Jiji(子泣き爺)/Old man crying like a baby.
Actually, I heard a story Konaki Jiji killed people. Those who lure a crying baby hold him on their back. A crying baby is getting weight. When you feel weird and turn back, you find a baby turn into an old man. You try to take away him from you. But, you cannot. He grabs you tightly. More you try, tighter he grabs and gets weight more. Finally, you are crushed under his weight to death.

But, I couldn’t find such a terrifying story on the Internet. So, I’d like to introduce a less scary story about Konaki Jiji. Reference from: 百物語

Once upon a time, a man who run a candy shop got lost, while he was on the way of crossing a mountain. Dusk is coming. He couldn’t find any houses. He felt lonely.
« I hope anything spooky doesn’t come out…….but, it usually comes out like this. »
He went his way with some trepidation. He heard a kid crying from nowhere.
« I knew it…Umm, a kid? A kid is crying in a mountain? Something goes wrong. »
He squeezed his way through bush towards where cries were coming.
He found an around 3 years old kid sitting.
« There, there. Don’t cry, baby. Let me hug you. Where is your mom? »
After he held up the kid, he was startled.

« Gosh! Konaki Jiji! »
The kid’s body was a child but his face looked like an old guy.
He tried to throw the kid away. But, the crying kid held him tightly.
« Damn it! I shouldn’t hold him up. How should I do? Don’t cry! I’m the one who wants to cry. »
Konaki Jiji is a goblin who was abandoned by his parents and gets older.
Konaki Jiji lures people by crying which makes people hold him up. Once Konaki Jiji was held up, he never be away.
Konaki Jiji: « Boohoo! I’d like to go to a town. »
Konaki Jiji clung more.
The man: « If you keep clinging me even at a town, I don’t have any time to work….I’ve got an idea! »
The man threw a candy into Konaki Jiji’s mouth.
Soon after, Konaki Jiji stopped crying.  It seemed Konaki Jiji had never licked a sweet candy like this.
Konaki Jiji: « Give me more! »
The man: « Sure. I’ll give you more. So, take your hands off me. »
Konaki Jiji: « All right. »
The man handed Konaki Jiji three candies. He got a chance to run away.
He run for dear life and found lights of a village.
The man: « ***Sigh***I’m saved. »
He knocked a door of a house and asked for help.
Do you know who came out? That’s right! Konaki Jiji!
Konaki Jiji: « Give me once more! »
The man: « Eeeeeek! »
The man lost consciousness there.
Next morning, he got awake and looked around and couldn’t find any houses.
There were some empty candy boxes.


4 réponses à “Konaki Jiji(子泣き爺)/Old Man Crying like a Baby – Japanese Horror Story

  1. Eeeek. I love, love, love it.
    Tiyanaks don’t turn into old person. They just turn into a monster.
    More of this series please … I’m loving it!

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