Steel Phallus Festival(かなまら祭り) – Kanayama Shrine(金山神社), Apr 6, 2014

Bill: « What’s this? »
Hillary: « Red Flag. »
Bill: « OK. I show you more. »

Bill: « What’s this? »
Hillary: « Ema(絵馬). »
Bill: « Not Ema. »
Hillary: « It’s Ema! You don’t know? »
Bill: « I know well. I show you more. »

Bill: « What’s that? »
Hillary: « Long nose. »
Bill: « Yeah, long nose……Skin color is different. »

Bill: « What’s this? »
Hillary: « Omikoshi(お神輿). »
Bill: « Inside. Inside. »
Hillary: « Pitch dark. I can’t see anything. »
Bill: « Me, neither. My bad. »

Bill: « What’s this? »
Hillary: « Omikoshi(お神輿). »
Bill: « I said inside. »
Hillary: « Black Column? »
Bill: « Not column. Next. Next. »

Bill: « Who’s he? »
Hillary: « Superhero? »
Bill: « Yeah, superhero……No way! Super tackiest hero I’ve ever seen. »

Bill: « What’s this? »
Hillary: « Pink Column. »
Bill: « Are you kidding me? »

Bill: « Look down. »
Hillary: « Ahhhh. His one is bigger than yours. I’ll flirt with him! »
Bill: « …….Honey, are you still mad at me about Monica? »

Steel Phallus Festival(かなまら祭り) was held at Kanayama Shrine(金山神社) on the 6th of April, 2014. Kanayama Shrine enshrines a deity of steel, Kanayamahiko no Kami(金山彦神) ,  who took care of Izanami(伊邪那美命) who gave birth to Japan’s islands and suffered from post-birth trauma. Just a few people come here to seriously pray for being blessed with children. Most people like me were here just for joy! As long as I looked around, approximately one third of people were from overseas.

A stall sold sake named Kingyoku(金玉) and Banko(万古).

Here is a explanation of these sake. Although they deny its meaning, most Japanese surely image these sake imply genitals and they just change its pronunciation. 

These are pens. Funny to say, « This is a pen. » is the first English sentence which most Japanese learn at school.  A staff said « Funya chXn dayoooon(Soft pXnXs). » and made especially ladies touch those. 

Here are illustrations called « Shijū Hatte(四十八手) » which expresses 48 sexual positions which were developed 200 to 300 years ago.

PXnXs and vXgXnX candies. 700 yen.

Collaboration shot!

Around 11:00AM, prayer time came. However, some people chatted and walked to and fro. It was far from sacred. This was the most squeezed festival ever. Here, filthy words are allowed in public. When some people, especially ladies, squeeze their way, they say « ChXnkX tōrimaaaaaasu(Let pXnXs through)! » or « ChXnkX ni tsuitekite(Follow pXnXs)! » with holding up high pXnxs candies.

I got a best position to see Mikoshi(神輿) marching near Torii(鳥居)/Gate of shrine. But, people came one after another. I ended up moving back. Traffic control was ill-managed. Generally, like this festival, the street is free of vehicle. People crossed a street from random places at individual discretion. As you predict, a visitor was crushed by a car. Its side mirror flied apart. The man crouched there with holding his right arm. At that time, a drunken person came and yelled at people. Policemen grabbed him and made him calm down.

Around noon, Mikoshi marching started. 



Mikoshi went through this way between a house with a red roof and a building. Make sure at your visit!

Just after the march was over, the street became chaos. Policemen couldn’t control people at all. Nobody followed their instruction. I waited for ebb of crowd there for a while.

Official Site(Japanese):
1st Sunday on every April
2-13-16 Daishi Ekimae, Kawasaki, Kawasaki, Kanagawa
Click here: Kanayama Shrine on Google Map

Route to Kawasaki Taishi Station from Tokyo Station

Route to Kawasaki Taishi Station from Tokyo Station



4 réponses à “Steel Phallus Festival(かなまら祭り) – Kanayama Shrine(金山神社), Apr 6, 2014

  1. OMG! This is hilarious. Such fun festival. And the denials, when it is right smack in your face! It’s so candid. I love it. Ooops. Really enjoyed it. Ooops again. 😆

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