East Japan International Friendship Marathon(東日本国際親善マラソン), Apr 20, 2014

There are lots of United States army base in Japan. Sagami General Depot(相模総合補給廠) is one of those and close to Sagamihara Station(相模原駅). Some bases, especially in Okinawa, are controversial, such as airplane accidents, noise pollution, unexploded bombs and crime, and so on. However, Sagami General Depot(相模総合補給廠) is exceptional. I’ve never heard those trouble. The only annoying thing is to hinder development of this town. The area of this base can accommodate 46 Tokyo Domes or 36Yankee Stadiums or 39 Camp Nou Stadiums. This base occupies the whole northern part of this town. Although this town has lots of public facilities like a City Hall, towns like Hashimoto(橋本) and Sagami Ōno(相模大野) around this town has developed more.

Sagami General Depot(相模総合補給廠) is forbidden zone for general people. But, April 20th 2014 was an exceptional day. The 18th East Japan International Friendship Marathon(東日本国際親善マラソン) was held at this base. The word « Forbidden » attracts me. Although I didn’t take part in this sports event, there is no reason for me not to enter into this base. 

Just before start, a member of this base made a speech with fluent Japanese. As soon as he finished, we gave applause to him. After then, he made the same speech with English. During his speech, some jumped, some did stretches and some did mental concentration. After his speech was done, nobody clapped their hands. It can’t be helped. English is like background music for us. …..ehehe…….

A drum band cheered up runners. It’s been long time since I last listened to Beautiful Sunday which evokes sweet memories of my old days. I sang in my mind.

During the race, I walked around. I feel here is not Japan. 911 doesn’t connect to any services. We use 119 for medical help and 110 for police.

It’s rare for me to see roasted whole chicken. I think big food comes from continental ideas.

soccer field

baseball field

This base seems to love Torii(鳥居)/Gate of Shrine. What is an object hanging from Torii? Is it an object related with Christianity? 

This base really seems to love Japanese traditional structure.

Sagami Shrine(相模神社)

Sagami Shrine(相模神社)

I found a shrine named Sagami Shrine(相模神社) which was built during WWII. Some part of this shrine begins to fall into decay. I feel history.

I really enjoyed.
I appreciate the US army opened this camp.


Official Site(Japanese):
Race & Start Time & Entry Fee
5km  10:00AM  3,000 yen
10km  10:10AM  4,000 yen
half marathon  11:45AM  5000 yen
parent&children pair marathon 2:15PM  2,000 yen

Click Here: Sagami General Depot on Google Map
JR Yokohama Line(横浜線):
 3 minutes walk from Sagamihara Station(相模原)

Route to Sagamihara Station from Tokyo Station

Route to Sagamihara Station from Tokyo Station




4 réponses à “East Japan International Friendship Marathon(東日本国際親善マラソン), Apr 20, 2014

  1. Big part of the reason why I was in Okinawa is because I worked for some of the military personnel there. It’s always nice when they open the base for events like this. They do love torii. They even have a base called Torii Base and their beach, Torii Beach. Always a pleasure to read internation relations.

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