Randy Bass(Hanshin Tigers) – The Man Called God

Randy Bass, Reference From: 月曜日の神様

Randy Bass
Reference From: 月曜日の神様

« Kami-sama, Hotoke-sama, Bass-sama ». The man was called God. His name is Randy Bass who was the most beloved and dependable expatriate baseball player and a member of Hanshin Tigers(阪神タイガース) from 1983 to 1988 in Japan. He made some history records. One of those is a batting average. His batting average in 1986 is all-time high « .389 » . Nobody breaks his record. A batting genius, Ichiro Suzuki challenged two times but couldn’t break. Ichiro can make many hits by his legs. On the other hand, Bass runs slowly. Most hits of Bass were long. That’s why Tigers fans counted on him. As long as his turn came,  Tigers fans never gave up a game, no matter how large Tigers was behind, even though at a final inning.
Here is one of games and a legend game. 

(Reference From: komestar on Youtube)

Apr 17th in 1985, Bass – Kakefu – Okada, 3 consecutive home runs to center field fence. At the bottom of 7th inning, 1 – 3, Tigers was 2 runs behind.

« Soooooore Kattobase Baaaaass!!(Hit loooooong, Baaaaass!!) Raito he Refuto he Home Run!!(To the right field, to the left field, Home Run!!) » 

Tigers fans sang out loud Bass’s theme song with their wishes. 
Bass did it! Bass’s home run turned over the game and led to a win.

In the same year 1985, Bass challenged a single season home run record « 55 » which Sadaharu Oh(王貞治) held. Bass already hit 54 home runs with 2 games left. Unfortunate to him, the last 2 games were versus Yomiuri Giants(読売ジャイアンツ) in which Sadaharu Oh played as a member. Giants pitchers were ordered to give Bass an intentional walk at every bat. The first game’s pitcher was Suguru Egawa(江川卓) called Monster. Egawa bravely ignored the command and shut out Bass. However, all pitchers shun serious matches against Bass in the second game.  The regular season was over.

In that year, Tigers won the Central League championship and advanced to the Japan SeriesBass did great in the Japan Series as if he didn’t have anything unpleasant  in the end of the regular season. He hit home runs 2 days in a row. After the game, Tigers Manager Yoshio Yoshida(吉田義男) said to Bass.

« I’m proud of you. You hit 56 home runs. You are beyond Sadaharu Oh. »


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  1. that’s very interesting, Milu. i enjoyed learning about this baseball player and how he came to be so famous in your country. neat-o! 🙂

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