Japanese Mythology – 5. Forbidden Gate

Yomi no Kuni(黄泉の国)/the land of the dead is a place where alive people are not allowed to come closer to. Nevertheless, Izanagi(伊邪那岐神) went down there to see Izanami(伊邪那美命) and found a stone gate which apparently shunned the land of the living. At that time, he heard sweet old voices.
Izanami: « Aw, honey. I’m glad you come here. »
Izanagi: « Aw, sweetheart. Creating the country is still ongoing. I need you. Come with me to the land of the living. »
Izanami: « Aw. I wish you could come here earlier. I’ve already eaten food cooked by unclean fire and water. I cannot go back to you. »
Eating food of ‘Yomi no Kuni‘ means you are dead.
Izanagi: « You can! Come with me! »
Izanami: « Aw, my darling. I’m really glad you come here. I want to go back with you. I’m going to ask deities. Do me a favor. Don’t open the gate and look at me while you are waiting. Never do that! « 
She left there.

Izanagi patiently kept waiting for Izanami in front of the gate. However, there was no sign she came back. The place was wrapped in the silence. He couldn’t resist any more. Finally, he opened the gate and stepped inside. It was pitch black. He lit a fire and went forward. Something laid towards where he was going. He made a fire close to that. 
« Gosh! » 
He caught his breath. It was Izanami, but it was not as same as Izanami whom Izanagi knew. She gave off a dead corpse smell. Numerous maggots were on her body which made eerie sounds. Looking at her closely, Izanagi found 8 evil creatures on her body.
« Eek! »
Izanagi held his breath and quivered.
Soon after, he turned around and headed back to the gate.
Izanami cried out with bitter voice.
« You break our promise…. You look at my ugly figure….. »

What if Izanagi said to Izanagi at first when she would come back?
What if Izanagi said to Izanagi at times she wanted him to wait still?

We have a time that we have many choices in our life and wonder which way we should choose. It sometimes happens that I should choose another way.
I wish I could rewind time. Even if I could rewind time, worse scenario waits for me? It’s no good worrying. Time doesn’t wait for me. Go ahead! My way will be clear.


6 réponses à “Japanese Mythology – 5. Forbidden Gate

  1. I thought the whole story is already outstanding on its own. Then, you had to throw in those what if questions, and it forced me to think. Nice series, Milu

  2. eek is right…maggots on her body and eerie sounds. i cover my eyes and ears then. ha-ha!! great myth story, Milu.

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