Africa Heritage Festival, Sagami Ōno, Apr 27, 2014

Africa Heritage Festival at Sagami Ōno

Africa Heritage Festival at Sagami Ōno

If I were a millionaire, I’d like to be a nomad. I have a place where I want most to go to. It’s Africa. I don’t have any plan about its route. Which route should I take? North to south? Clockwise? Zigzag? Should I avoid high alert countries? I sometimes watch protests, riots and civil wars in Somalia and Egypt on TV. How about Chad? I’ve never heard. But, Chad is on the list. Should I avoid dangerous cities like Johannesburg, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam? How about indigenous diseases like Ebola, yellow fever and malaria? Although it doesn’t mean the answers come out, I went to see this festival, Africa Heritage Festival, Apr 27th in 2014.

At first, there were only 2 players, drummer and guitarist.
They kept playing for 20 minutes or so.

Suddenly, a lady showed up with a handbag and started to dance in front of us. Every visitor wondered who’s this lady. Some visitors said with small voice « Is she drunken? »  It seems to be wrong. At least, the two men and the lady seem to know themselves one another. Umm….culture difference.

After their show, I walked around the festival venue.

I found food stalls. Somehow, some stalls sold Kebab. « Hey! It’s a Middle East food! ». Some stalls sold Jijimgae. « Hey! It’s a Korean food. »

I found a Ghana stall and wondered what’s « Ghana Meat Pie ». 

Ghana Meat Pie - 500 yen

Ghana Meat Pie – 500 yen

I bought it. Umm…the size is as same as my hand. The pie in picture looks bigger. Anyway, I ate it. The taste is OK. But, it’s dry. I got thirsty. I think water is hard to come by in Africa. Can I make a journey? I feel a little bit of unease.

Official Site:
Maybe irregular since 2011
Sagami Ōno Central Park(相模大野中央公園)
Click here: Sagami Ōno Central Park on Google Map


4 réponses à “Africa Heritage Festival, Sagami Ōno, Apr 27, 2014

  1. you made me laugh with your last comment about the dryness of the Ghana Meat Pie and lack of water in Africa, Milu. so funny! you must admit, the lady in the video rocked that song pretty well. she has the beat down solid! 😛 fun cultural festival.

    • yeah, yeah, i admit she dance well. but, quite different from a sense of japanese. every visitor wondered why she cut into the show. i feel this is africa.

  2. Love your introduction. If I can’t go to those places, I’d hope to see an African Heritage Celebration myself. I have yet to really soak in their culture.

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