Toire no Kami-sama(トイレの神様)/Goddess in the Toilet

Goddess in the Toilet

Toire no Kamisama(トイレの神様)/Goddess in the Toilet

There are two major religion in Japan. The one is Shinto(神道) which was originated in Japan and is deeply related to Tennō(天皇)/Emperor of Japan. The other is Buddhism which was brought from India via China in 552AD. Most Japanese do both religious activities. For auspicious occasions like making a wish and wedding, we go to shrines related to Shinto. For funeral ceremony, we go to temples related to Buddhism. As you like Christian, Jewish or Islamist may feel weird, these two religions coexists. As you may feel further weird, honestly to say, we don’t believe in both religions so much. We just do activities at right time. We don’t go to shrine or temple every Sunday like Christian. We don’t pray 5 times a day like Islamist. Actually, we don’t pray even 1 time a day! More to say, there is no scripture about Shinto and we’ve never read Buddhism scriptures. I can say Japanese mythology is a scripture of Shinto. Most people don’t seem to read a book about Japanese mythology. I also read a simplified book.

Even though we’ve never deeply learned about Shinto, we know somewhat of its concept. Everything is a deity. Sun, Moon, Sky, Sea, Mountain, Stone, Wood, Food, Flower, Animal and Insect. All of those are deities. As long as we follow its concept, a cockroach is a deity. I asked before why a cockroach is a deity. The reply was that a cockroach can lay numerous eggs. That means a cockroach is a symbol of family prosperity. Shut your eyes against drawback. Let your eyes towards good points. I understood its concept. From this sentence forward, it’s my interpretation. The same goes for a fly and a mosquito. How about a leech? In old days, people deliberately made a leech suck bad blood. How about a flea? A flea can jump highest for its body. Not all vermin but dirty things are deities. The best example is excrement which become fertilizer.

One more example. The song « Toire no Kami-sama(トイレの神様)/God in the Toilet » by Kana Uemura(植村 花菜) made a long hit in 2011. Here is a key line of lyrics. « A beautiful goddess lives in the toilet. If you clean it every day, this goddess would make you into a beautiful woman. » Click here for the whole lyrics. This song doesn’t mention the following saying which I’ve heard of before. « If you don’t clean a toilet regularly and treat it neatly, you would end up using a bedpan for a long life before you die. »



4 réponses à “Toire no Kami-sama(トイレの神様)/Goddess in the Toilet

  1. Thanks for the enlightenment. A lot of clearance about Japanese religion here. Thank you for that. This testifies even more how fascinating Japan culture is.

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