Sagami Giant Kite Festival(相模大凧祭り), 駿風(Shun Pū), May 4, 2014

No.1 Giant Kite in Japan. The size is 14.5 square meter/47.6 square feet. The weight is 950kg/2094 pounds. We, Sagamihara citizens are proud of it! ……..I’m a former citizen……. It is said this festival has been held near Sagami River every year since 1830. The feature is to put this year’s theme kanji on a kite.  This year’s theme kanji is « 駿風(Shun Pū) ». Sagami City asked its citizens for this year’s kanji and voted. There is no such a word « 駿風(Shun Pū) » on a dictionary.It’s a coined word. However, we can understand its meaning. It’s because every kanji has its meaning. « 駿(Shun) » means a excellent horse. « 風(Pū) » means wind. So, « 駿風(Shun Pū) » means fresh, brisk and pleasant wind which you feel on a running horse. The reason « 駿風(Shun Pū) » was chosen is probably because this year’s Chinese zodiac is a horse.

14.5 square meter/47.6 square feet, 950kg/2094 pounds

駿風(Shun Pū) – 2014 theme kanji
14.5 square meter/47.6 square feet in size
950kg/2094 pounds in weight

飛翔(Hishō)/Soar, 5.45 square meter/17.88 square feet in size

5.45 square meter/17.88 square feet in size

隼(Hayabusa)/Falcon, 5.45 square meter/17.88 square feet

5.45 square meter/17.88 square feet

駿風(Shun Pū), 7.27 square meter/23.85 square feet in size

駿風(Shun Pū)
7.27 square meter/23.85 square feet in size

Wait. I’ve ever seen this doll at Sagamihara City Cherry Blossom Festival.
Who is she? If I met her once more, I would look into her.

Staffs are making a giant kite lay down.

Staffs are making a giant kite lay down.

Before making it fly high, staffs made it lay down. SNAP! SNAP! Its weight made two support bars snapped with huge sounds.

It took time before flying kites. I wandered around.

Koinobori(鯉のぼり)/Carp Streamer

Koinobori(鯉のぼり)/Carp Streamer

Koinobori(鯉のぼり)/Carp Streamer are flying pleasantly.


a local high school's pep team

a local high school’s pep team

A local high school’s students cheered up. This is a typical Japanese style pep team which looks like a troop whooping up. You can see this kind of pep team at school sports festival. Generally, it consists of only boys. Only Girls this time!!  Watch these videos! Their pep is very manly. Plus, that day was hot. I wore a short sleeves shirt. They wore school uniforms. Unbelievable. They are much more manly than me. However, they are right. I got first suntan this year. It stings and itches. My skin on nose, neck and arms peeled off after 4 days.


1st try

1st try

Around 1:30 PM, flying kites started. At least 10m/s, 22mph wind is needed.

The first flying time is only 3 minutes. Wind on that day was 6m/s, 13mph.
We want stronger wind!

The 2nd try.
 » Wasshoi! Wasshoi! Wasshoi! Wasshoi!└(゚∀゚└)(┘゚∀゚)┘└(゚∀゚└)(┘゚∀゚)┘ »
a chief staff cheered up staffs with a megaphone.

The 3rd try. We knew its result from the start.

The 4th try. Pull! Pull! Pull!  We are not always satisfied to watch a long flying.
We want SOAR!

Staffs seemed to get tired and took a rest. For a while, small kites, but 5-7m/18-24feet kites soared, instead.

After 3:00PM, wind got strong. The 5th try started. Go High!! High!! High!!


The west sun is dazzling. Although I looked at a camera’s finder, I couldn’t see well at all. My video is a bummer.
Anyway, I took pictures.

Collaboration Shot!!

Collaboration Shot!!

The giants kite soared into the sky for around 15 minutes.It has a 80m/87yard tail. Probably, it reached the height of  above 100m/109yard.

Official Site:
Every May 4th and 5th
Festival Time
10:00AM – 4:00PM
Shindo sports open space, Sagamihara, Kanagawa
Click here: Shindo sports open space on Google Map.
JR Sagami Line(相模線):
20 minutes walk from Soubudaishita Station(相武台下駅)

Route to Soubudaishita Station to Tokyo Station

Route to Soubudaishita Station to Tokyo Station



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  1. That is whoa huge! and whoa heavy!!! 2000+ pounds, unbelievable it floats in the air with that weight. Good thing everyone’s safe in the process. Japan can be very excessive …. in a good way. The kite did « aim high ». 😀

  2. Having read this I thought it was very informative. I appreciate you spending some time
    and energy to put this article together. I once again find
    myself personally spending a significant amount of time both reading and commenting.
    But so what, it was still worth it!

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