Bi Majo(美魔女)/Beauty Witch – Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest one of all?

Box office sales « Frozen » gets No.6. in history in Japan as of May 16th in 2014. I’ve never watched « Frozen ». But, I sometimes listen to « Let it go » on Youtube. At first, I thought « Demi Lovato » was a new singer. As you know, Youtube recommends related videos. I clicked over and over. At a certain video, I felt I’ve ever seen her somewhere. I visited Wikipedia « Demi Lovato ». Ahhhhhhhhh, She is « Sonny Munroe » on « Sonny with a chance« .  Her face remarkably changes. A girl becomes a lady. She is in midst of the best in her life.

« I wish this youth, this beauty and this best time last eternally. »
It’s every lady’s hope. There are dozens of ladies who make such a dream come true in their 40s and 50s without plastic surgery.

They are called « Bi Majo(美魔女)/Beauty Witch ».


Bi Majo(美魔女)/Beauty Witch Reference From:

Bi Majo(美魔女)/Beauty Witch
Reference From:

Now, it’s booming here in Japan. You can easily see Bi Majo/Beauty Witches on TV, fashion magazines and the Internet like ”Bi Majo Contest/Beauty Witch Contest” and « Bi Majo Watch/Beauty Witch Watch » which shows a posing lady holding a board with time and her age. At the dawn of this booming, we gave them compliments. « Their looks are terrific!! What kind of food do they eat everyday? How do they treat their skin? » However, you know, as time goes by, admiration turns into jealousy and criticism. « Selfish! Take their time for their children! Spend money on their family! I feel terrible for their husbands and children! They don’t feel ashamed? How could they flaunt their beauty? »

My opinion is OK. Nothing wrong with that. My money doesn’t go away. What I’m interested in is how long they will keep their look. There is a saying « All glories must fade. » If they got a wrinkle or a gray hair, how would they feel? Their most concern is their own beauty. How older look can they stand? If nobody made any fuss of them, would they fall into the abyss of despair?

No Way! Make a spell!

« Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest one of all? »

Eeeeeehehheh. Mwaaaaaaahahhah.


6 réponses à “Bi Majo(美魔女)/Beauty Witch – Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest one of all?

  1. funny name Beauty Witch Contest. so, how exactly does the contest work? do the women enter themselves or someone nominates them? physical beauty is fleeting for sure and hopefully they are nurturing their inner beauty as well. 🙂

      • so it’s a once a year contest or every season? it sounds like our Miss America kind of contest. what does the winner gain besides a bit of fame for her beauty? prize $$?

      • it’s once a year. no prize. only fame. but, if you get scouts’ attention, you might have a chance to be on tv or magazines, etc!

  2. I don’t see nothing wrong! How AWFUL for people to judge. That irks me, really. If looking good and pretty is their passion, so be it! We all have passion for something. Noone should judge somebody else to maintain, live, and enhance someone else’s passion.

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