Walking on Tokyo Gate Bridge/Dinosaur Bridge

My avatar is my back shot which was taken 2 years ago, 2012. It’s not the last rock climbing. But, it’s been nealy 2 years since my last climb. I was not allowed to do strenuous sports because of kidney problem, IgA nephropathy.  Repeated treatment helps me to get better. These days, finally I’m allowed to do. However, lazy habits die hard. I’m not willing to do any sports. But, I want to make my travel fruitful on this summer vacation so that I make up my mind to start walking. As a starter, I pick « Tokyo Gate Bridge » which is located 4km(3.5miles) away from Shin Kiba station(新木場駅)

I took the path along the coast from where we can see No.1 biggest Ferris Wheel in Japan on the left and Disney Resort on the right.

Big sounds came from my back. 

It’s a helicopter.

Going up the bank. It’s Tokyo Heliport.

Going forward, I can see a wind turbine.


The foot of the wind turbine. The character on the top looks like « The Powerpuff Girls« .

As I go forward more, Tokyo Gate Bridge shows up. Its shape looks like a dinosaur so that it is called « Dinosaur Bridge » as its nickname.

Lift to the bridge path.

Just after getting off the lift.

View from the bridge path. Tokyo Bay and Tokyo Skyscraper in the distance.

Here is close to Haneda Airport.

Every other minute, or so, an airplane passes over my head.

Finally, I reached the opposite side. It’s dead end and still under construction.

View from the edge of the bridge.

Well, back to Shin Kiba station(6km/3.7miles)!


JR Keiyō Line(JR京葉線):
4km(3.5miles) from Shin Kiba Station(新木場駅)



6 réponses à “Walking on Tokyo Gate Bridge/Dinosaur Bridge

  1. have you ridden on the ferris wheel? it looks like a cool place to hang out in the summer time. it’s great learning more on your wonderful country. keep walking, Milu! 🙂

  2. Love this post. So much more things to see. So much more details … when you travel on foot. Awesome random sights. Glad to hear that you can do more now.

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