Walking around Wakasu Kaihin Park(若洲海浜公園)

On the way back from Tokyo Gate Bridge to Shin Kiba Station(新木場駅), I passed through Wakasu Kaihin Park(若洲海浜公園) where we can enjoy dozens of attractive objects and views!

At first, there is a miniature version of  Tōkaidō which is a major route from Tokyo to Kyoto since Edo period, 400 years ago. There were 53 stations except the start station, Tokyo, and the terminal station, Kyoto, along this route so that this route was called « Tōkaidō Gojūsan-tsugi(東海道五十三次)/53 stations of Tōkaidō« . This miniature path is 1/250 of the real route whose length is 495km/307miles. 

The path starts from these objects which look like snail. Plus, Ukiyo-e(浮世絵) is placed at every station.

The terminal station 55: Sanjō Ōhashi(三条大橋) in Kyoto

The terminal station 55: Sanjō Ōhashi(三条大橋) in Kyoto

54: Ōtsu(大津)

54: Ōtsu(大津)

53: Kusatsu(草津)

53: Kusatsu(草津)

As you notice, it’s tough to take 55 pictures, click here and enjoy all Ukiyo-e!

I seldom see a mural in Japan. But, here…
and several artistic objects.

looks like octopus.

chair inside heart object.

Apple. Bummer! The explanation board says this apple was tumbled and damaged because of a typhoon.

Mirror ball and stair

Chair with fish bone.

And last one.

The start station: Nihonbashi(日本橋) in Tokyo

Sorry, 51 middle station!

Official Site(Japanese):

JR Keiyō Line(JR京葉線):
3km(1.8miles) from Shin Kiba Station(新木場駅)

Route to Shin Kiba station from Tokyo station




7 réponses à “Walking around Wakasu Kaihin Park(若洲海浜公園)

  1. Always love reading this about your travel, you always have something interesting to talk about. Public art doesn’t seem to always fail. Very nice. I like the one with the silver ball.

  2. you’re right, definitely interesting and attractive views. is the octopus creation recycled or something designed to look like an octopus? cool tour, Milu.

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