Walking around Tokyo Zokei University(東京造形大学)

Walking around universities except my alma mater is something exciting for me.  The more unrelated to my major, the more I get excited. I’m not sure the reason. I feel that I do what I shouldn’t do.

This time, I visited Tokyo Zokei Univeristy(東京造形大学) which provides Design and Art programs.

This school is in Tokyo Prefecture, but far away from the heart of Tokyo. This is on the way to this school.

This school is surrounded by forest.

I found a a workplace for sculpture.

I like unfinished works more than finished works. It gives me a chance to  imagine how it goes afterward.

A woman’s head behind the dog.  Well, I deny what I just said. Scary…………..I don’t want to be here at night.

After that, I headed to the school cafeteria. As may be expected of a school cafeteria in art university, it’s chic. But, I didn’t take pictures inside the building which was packed with people. It’s because I don’t want to get peoples’ attention.

Picture Menu(Lunch: 490 yen)

  • Pork Cutlet, Crispy Baked Shrimp and Salad
  • Rice with mixed grains
  • Miso Soup

I visited a museum in the vicinity. But, taking pictures is prohibited. Instead, here are this school graduate’s works displayed at Sagamihara station. Her art seems to be a combination of painting and clothes.


Mummy or Patient swathed in bandages.

A girl with pig tails who looks sad.

Official Site(English):
Lunch Time
Mon – Sat 11:00 – 14:00
Closed Sun
JR Yokohama Line(横浜線):
20 minutes walk from Aihara station(相原駅)

Route to Aihara Station from Tokyo Station

Route to Aihara Station from Tokyo Station


6 réponses à “Walking around Tokyo Zokei University(東京造形大学)

  1. Love the art displays of the graduates. The girl in the last picture looks like she’s hiding her face from shame or disappointment. My interpretation. 😉

  2. i like what you said about seeing the unfinished sculptures that spark the imagination. that mixed rice looks yummy! is it like black beans? cool school tour, Milu. 🙂

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