Walking around Tokyo University of Technology(東京工科大学)

This time, I visited Tokyo University of Technology(東京工科大学). And my alma mater isTokyo Institute of Technology(東京工業大学). One word difference in English. One character difference in Japanese. The difference is just like that. Instead, both schools have a lot of characteristics in common. The one of characteristics is not only for those who love technology but nerds like me.

When you watch a sitcom « Big Bang Theory« , how do you feel? Weird people? You don’t want to talk with them? Whether you believe or not, it’s usual scene in technology school. I believe the director graduated a technology school. No days without science jokes in talks. It’s regular to show off the knowledge of science. It’s sure girls talk theoretically more than boys. As you know, Amy always knocks out Sheldon. The number of girls are very fewer than that of boys. Probably, 5% at most. It’s sure some boys like Rajesh are shy around girls. It’s usual not to have a girlfriend. In that sense,Howard is a lucky man who gets a girlfriend on campus. As for Leonard, it’s unbelievable. He has a girlfriend Penny who is in totally different field. Usually, such a girl seems to look down on nerds.

Anyway, I hung around this university.

What’s this object!? It’s not a match for nerds like me.

Anyway, I entered into this building.

What’s this glass-walled lounge!? Isn’t here a place of the nerds, by the nerds, for the nerds like me?

What’s this mural!? Is this building a luxury hotel?

What’s this garden!? Is here Palace of Versailles?

What are these girl statues? Here is an art museum?

What’s these pine trees? Isn’t here a holy place for nerds ^H^H^H^H^H technology lovers? (^H means « delete ». Term for programmers. )

Hooooorse!! Running Horses!!! Rushing towards me!! Run!! Run!! Run!!
Phewwww!! I’m nearly a roadkill. I need a rest. I head to a school cafeteria.

Tempura Bowl seems to be a specialty dish of this school. I’d like to eat! But, I’d like to explore this school more! Next visit, I’ll eat.

Instead, I picked this one.

Picture Menu(Lunch: 460yen)

  • Chicken Cutlet & Potato Salada & Shredded Cabbage & Wedge of  Tomato
  • Rice
  • Miso Soup

After lunch, my exploration continued.

Bamboo grove!!

Well, time is up. I’d like to visit here again!!

Dear Students of Tokyo University of Technology

Sorry for being a bit offensive. I don’t mean I insult you. It’s my joke. I have confidence I’m more of a nerd than you. It doesn’t matter whatever others say, as long as you have a passion. Go for it!

Best Regards

Official Site(English):
Lunch Time
Mon-Fri  Maybe 11:00AM – 2:00PM
Sat,Sun Closed
JR Yokohama Line(横浜線):
15 minutes walk away from Hachioji Minamino Station(八王子みなみ野駅)

Route to Hachioji Minamino Station from Tokyo Station.


4 réponses à “Walking around Tokyo University of Technology(東京工科大学)

  1. AWESOME, AWESOME sights! I’d walk forever if my views are like these. 😀 I love this post. Love the positions, OUTSTANDING captures!

  2. its seems like a very nice school, and beautiful with the bamboo garden, the sculpted trees and art decorations everywhere. i think i would eat all the time too if i saw food like the ones you feature, Milu. fantastic!

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