Tokyo Port Festival(東京みなと祭り), May 25th, 2014

According to the official site, Tokyo Port was opened on the 20th May in 1941. I’m startled to know that. It’s 7 months before Perl Harbor Attack. It was for not a military port but a trading port. How did Japanese people feel at that time?  What countries would trade with Japan? Even though Soviet-Japanese Neutrality Pact was signed in April 1941, it was not for trading. First of all, the purpose was to stop going communism in Japan. The Soviet Union was more of a threat than the USA. The second purpose was to refuse to open war against the Soviet Union if Nazi Germany demanded. All East Asia was already colonized by England, France, Netherlands and the USA which recognized Japan as an enemy. I’m not sure how tough the sanction « ABCD line » was. Oil, steel and war materials embargo was imposed on Japan. That drove Japan into Pacific War. I’d like to read books by not only Japanese but non-Japanese. Especially, I think « Freedom Betrayed » is a must-read book which seems that President Herbert Hoover criticized President Franklin Roosevelt: « He had a desire for a war against Nazi Germany. It’s his conspiracy. He lured Japan into attacking the USA. » (I’m not sure the exact quotation by President Hoover. I just translate his translated words in Japanese.) Ironically, President Roosevelt didn’t have no way to know not only defeat of Japan and Hitler’s death but conflicts against the Soviet Union afterward. That’s why the fact is more interesting than fiction.

Anyway, special ships were exhibited during this festival.

The first one is Kairyu(海竜) for scraping sands on the sea bed.

Deck View

It seems all measuring equipment are monitored by software.

Oh, Windows XP! It’s already out of support since April 2014. No Problem! Closed Network.

Meiyo(明洋). Long long line. I skipped.

Umitaka-maru(海鷹丸). This is a research and training ship owned by Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology(東京海洋大学).

Killing hot like an sauna. Maybe over 40°C(104°F).

It seems to be controlled by levers. A handle of a pirates ship is rather cool.

Hello, an ancient monitor.

All beds are narrow and small. The ceiling is low.


Dining Room.

The left one is normal. The right one is after 1,000m(3280feet) below sea level. Amazing!

Ices from the Antarctica. This is my first time to touch. Very very hard. Same molecules. But, something different.

Well, All Aboard!!

Official Site(Japanese):
Every 4th Sat&Sun of May
Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line(有楽町線):
30 minutes walk from Tsukishima Station(月島駅)



8 réponses à “Tokyo Port Festival(東京みなと祭り), May 25th, 2014

  1. interesting post, Milu. ice from Antarctica? real stuff or replica of the ice? Freedom Betrayed sounds like something i should read but of course, doubtful, but hey, at least you clued me in and maybe i will read it one day. 🙂

  2. Hmmm…. The date really makes you think. So the construction begun when? Might be even before the war, eh? Either way, it’s opening at the time really is a puzzling one. Thanks for lesson, milu. Love the pictures. But er, another question, festival?

    • the start year of construction is probably 1924, after kanto huge earthquake in september 1923.
      it’s a festival. i post only main part. the another are japanese drum and rider shows for kids and so on. thank you, Rommel.

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