Respect Jamaica Festival, Jun 1, 2014

I read a lot of books about dangerous countries written by backpackers. I learn how tough a trip is in Jamaica. Especially, Kingston. Gunfire everyday. Although some travelers say it works well to talk about national heroes with local people, it surely doesn’t work well in Jamaica. Even if it works well, I don’t know about Jamaican heroes at all. Usain Bolt? I know he is the fastest runner in history. But, that’s all. I cannot talk about him a lot. Plus, I have an experience that I talked about one of  national heroes, Mil Mascaras, in Mexico. But, my camera ended up being deprived. I’m glad if you read my post, « Tijuana in Mexico(Mario!! Give me back my camera!!)« . This is my first and most hilarious post.

Speaking of Jamaica, it’s reggae. But, I don’t know about reggae at all. What’s the difference between reggae and other genre music?

This is a first group. Umm, only Japanese. No Bass. Drum hit by hands. Is it a style of reggae?

The second group. Yeah, two of them are Jamaican. Electric guitar, electric bass, keyboard and pianica. Instrument isn’t related to reggae? Reggae rhythm is different from that of other music.? I cannot get it.

What’s the name of this silver instrument?

After then, I looked around food stalls. Although I found a Jamaican stall, a Japanese cooked. So, I chose another stall. A staff said to me, « No Hot! ».

So, I got this food, Red Red(Fried Plantain & Beans Original Special). It’s good and mild! It’s all right to eat everyday! I asked a staff « What country’s food is this? ». She said « Ghana! » I ponder my first trip to Africa should be Ghana. Who is a hero in Ghana?

Official Site(Japanese):
Maybe irregular
Sagami Ōno Central Park(相模大野中央公園)

Route to Sagami Ono Station from Tokyo Station

Route to Sagami Ono Station from Tokyo Station



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