Walking around Meisei University(明星大学)

This time, I visited Meisei University(明星大学).

Shakespeare Hall

Probably, there are dozens of Shakespeare researchers at this school which publishes Shakespeare Collection Database on the Internet.

Escalator at school !!? Plus, this escalator only works as you approach.

Panel Screen at class !!? Unbelievable in my school days.

Waterfall at school !!? I should have taken a closeup picture.

I tried to go up this tower. When I got to the top floor, a staff came close to me.
Staff: « This way, please! »
A conference seemed open. I turned back without saying. She might see me as a suspicious person.

Official Site
Tama Monorail(多摩モノレール):
1 minute walk from Chuo University & Meisei University station(中央大学明星大学駅)



6 réponses à “Walking around Meisei University(明星大学)

  1. what, no lunch or small snack feature today, Milu? 😛 that’s cool about the escalator activating via motion sensors. great idea to conserve energy. hope you had a good lunch anyway. 🙂

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