Walking around Chuo University(中央大学)

Here is Chuo University Campus which is next to Meisei University I posted before.

It looks robust. Is this for a bomb shelter during WWII?

There is a mountain within this campus.

Torii Path.

Inari Shrine on top of the mountain.

I headed to the opposite side and lost my way. If here is a real mountain, I should go back. I went on through a trackless path.

Finally, I jumped down here.

My tummy growled. Lunch Time!

Picture Menu(490yen)

  • Simmered Mackerel flavored with sugar and soy sauce and grated ginger(Upper Left)
  • Meat Ball & Shredded Cabbages(Upper Right)
  • Rice(Lower Left)
  • Miso(Lower Center)

After lunch, I hung around a building for clubs.

Calligraphy Club. It’s Chinese. I cannot understand what these papers say at all, although all kanji has its meaning. There are some kanji I’ve never seen.

Motorbike Club. What are on the floor!?


Are this club’s people insane?

Official Site
Tama Monorail(多摩モノレール):
0 minute walk from Chuo University & Meisei University station(中央大学明星大学駅)


6 réponses à “Walking around Chuo University(中央大学)

  1. motorbike club . . . what’s on the floor! hilarious, Milu! maybe they are practice dummies when they learn how not to hit pedestrians. 😛
    your mackeral fish lunch looks so tasty!!

  2. 🙂 More like a Cannibal’s Club.
    Well, a campus with Torii paths and a shrine… I can’t really tell if it’s really a university either. 🙂

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