Sazae-san(サザエさん) – National Anime for Japanese


What is a national anime for Japanese? What anime has enchanted all generations for over a half century?

It’s Sazae-san which depicts a daily life of a family. It’s not adventurous like Dragon Ball and One Piece. It’s not a sports anime like Captain Tsubasa. It’s not hilarious like Crayon Shin-chan. Why do we watch? What attracts us? I’m not sure. But, It’s sure that Sazae-san is the most familiar anime for all of us from generation to generation.

Each character’s name is related to a fish or sea.

Sazae-san/Turban Shell is cheerful and agreeable. Her hair style is weird. I’ve never seen such a hair style.

Katsuo/Bonito is crafty and mischievous. He often plays tricks on family members to get extra sweets. All his hair is cut very short. Almost every boy had his hair style in my childhood.

Wakame/Seaweed is shy and smart and respects Katsuo. Her back hair is cropped and already old-fashioned in my childhood. Poor thing!! Sazae-san, Katsuo and Wakame are not parent-child. They are sister-and-brother.

Tara-chan/Cod is Sazae-san’s child. He always speaks politely.

Masuo/Trout is Sazae-san’s husband and Tara-chan’s  father. He married into Sazae-san’s family. He is a pushover and often beaten by Sazae-san and Katsuo.  

Namihei/Wave is Sazae-san, Katso and Wakame’s father and Tara-chan’s grandfather. Katsuo is often scolded by him. Can you see a hair on his top? The most important hair. He puts fragrance on it. I think this hair doesn’t matter and he is already bald. But, I hope the day will not come to me.

Fune/Ship is Namihei’s wife. She always wearsKimono and a typical Japanese grandmother.

There is a depression named « Sazae-san Syndrome ». Sazae-san program is on air every Sunday evening. Those who watch it feel « I must go to school/office tomorrow ». Hey! Don’t be so diligent. I hate not only Monday but all weekdays. Everyday should be Sunday!!


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