Walking around Tama Art University(多摩美術大学)

The time was already past 1:00PM when I got to Tama Art University. I headed to a student canteen upon arrival.

This brims with good nutrition.

Lunch Menu(510yen)

  • Hamburg with Grated Radish,Sansai/Mountain Vegetables, Carrot and Broccoli(Lower on Upper Left Plate)
  • Boiled Taro(Upper Left on Upper Left Plate)
  • Pasta Salad, Shredded Cabbages, Parsley and Wedge of Pinapple(Upper RIght on Upper Left Plate)
  • Rice(Lower Left)
  • Egg Soup(Lower Right)

After lunch, I absolutely walked around.

It says « A model is posing. » Lady or Not? Naked or Not? Look or Arrested? I passed through without doing anything.

Dadadadada….. Kankankankan….. It looks like a construction site.

A huge wooden penguin.

A wooden giraffe. By the way, today, I watched a TV spot which says a giraffe sleeps only 20 minutes a day. Really!? They have worse sleep disorder than me.

Rusty Rhino. How does a designer make it rusty?

Rusty beheaded body and cut in half body.

Handstanding Girl.

Golden Pudgy Boy.

Magical World.

Hello Boy! Aren’t you too young to be so depressed?

Official Site(Japanese)
8 minutes bus from Hashimoto station(橋本駅).


4 réponses à “Walking around Tama Art University(多摩美術大学)

  1. I love this seties of you walking around through universities. This one is particularly an immediate favorite. Very cool arts scattered around. And that meal is cheap, and truly filling!

  2. i didn’t know about the giraffe sleeping only 20 minutes a day. that is amazing! with all the great places to eat it is good you have very scenic places to exercise off the extra calories from lunch. 🙂

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