Walking around Musashino University(武蔵野大学)

Musashino University is the nearest university from my office. This school’s student cafeteria, LOHAS Cafe, is my haunt.

Curry. 500 yen. Very Very Very Very Hoooot!!

Tomato Pasta. 500 yen. Its texture is a little bit chewy and similar to Mochi/Rice Cake. Everybody loves this.

A drawing sometimes changes and pleases my eyes.

We can take a seat outside. This was taken in winter, Dec 12, 2013.

Aside from the cafeteria, I took pictures of the campus in different season.
Spring, April 4, 2014

Summer, July 15, 2014

I went up to the top floor. This is the north-west side. The front building blocks my view of Tokyo Rainbow Bridge. Bummer.

North East side. Ariake Tennis Garden. International matches are sometimes held. 2020 Olympic games surely will be held here.

South Side. Tokyo Gate Bridge I posted before.

Official Site(Japanese)
7 minutes walk from Kokusaitenjijo Station(国際展示場駅)


7 réponses à “Walking around Musashino University(武蔵野大学)

  1. Beautiful city landscapes, milu. Japan really is a land of juxtaposition of old and modern architectures. I like the first building with all the glass windows. That pasta sure looks tasty. I feel like wanting to just jumping in and pig out. And it tastes like mochi, oooh boy, I would definitely love that!

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