My first bite of Fugu/Blowfish, Kura Zushi(くら寿司)

« Let them eat cake. » Marie Antoinette said to peasants who had no bread.
It looks like she say to me, « Without a sardine, you can have a blowfish. »
I surely would go mad.

Fugu/Blowfish. I had thought it’s an imaginary food.
I don’t care if I end up dying before having a bite of it.
Fugu is one of the most way too much expensive food.
A sushi-go-round chain Kura Zushi(くら寿司) announced it would serve Fugu Sushi at an affordable price for just a week late July 2014. This was the first attempt among Sushi-go-round world. Hooray, I must go.

Tora Fugu. 200yen.

Yaki Tora Fugu. Surface of Fugu is slightly burnt. 100 yen.

Tora Fugu in Chawanmushi/Egg Custard. 230 yen.

How was the taste? Don’t ask me. Same as other sushi.  My poor taste buds couldn’t distinguish between good and bad.

Anyway, Thank you, Kura Zushi. I appreciate you give me a chance of fun.
Tonight dinner should be a sardine.

10 réponses à “My first bite of Fugu/Blowfish, Kura Zushi(くら寿司)

  1. OMG! Having eaten fugu before, I don’t know why, but I actually dread to look at it now. It is still my most adventurous food I’ve ever had.
    Same here, milu. Comments on blog asked me what the taste of fugu like. It’s really hard to tell especially when prepared as sushi.

  2. well, that makes it easy whether to try Fugu or not…if it taste no different, why bother forking out extra $$$ and risk your life as well. i’m glad your adventure went well. really.

  3. I’m glad you’re okay after eating a blowfish! I once saw an episode of Bizarre Foods America and the host Andrew Zimmern was talking about that and the dangers of eating it because of the poison! I read that it is more poisonous than cyanide so careful preparation must be done for it not to be a deadly delicacy.

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