Summer Festival at Sagamihara Station(相模原駅前夏祭り)

I’m not sure how many Japanese dances there are. Some examples are Yosakoi, Awa Odori,Eisa and so on. These dances are for professionals or need some training.

There is a Japanese dance, in which you can easily join. It’s Bon Odori. It’s a bummer. Wikipedia doesn’t have an explanation of Bon Odori in English yet.

Here’s a video. Watching talks much more than reading.

When I was a child, many neighbors circled and danced around this temporary building. Old people taught me how to dance.

But, these days, that tradition is going extinct.
Look at this picture.

Few old people only dance. I have no right to blame. I’m also the one among those who don’t dance.

Anyway, here is a local original Bon Ondori named Sagamihara Ondo. It reminds me of my childhood.

« Sagaaami harahara hararito saisai. »


6 réponses à “Summer Festival at Sagamihara Station(相模原駅前夏祭り)

  1. Times are a-changing indeed. Dances are left on clubs now. I loved the many dance performances in festivals that I’ve been to in Okinawa. It’s fascinating to think about how they prepared for each movements. Oh right, it’s Obon in August is here.

  2. People seem to care more about twerking these days than learning anything traditional dance. It’s a shame really but I’m glad that there are still some people out there who still care about carrying on with the tradition.

  3. i hope the traditional dance continues to flourish…it would be sad to see part of that history go extinct. you need to put on your dance shoes and help preserve the tradition. 🙂 or is it only women that do the dancing?

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