Comic Market, Summer 2014

Most every weekday morning, I dash up this escalator, skipping every other step.

And head to my office, looking at Tokyo Big Sight on my left side.

The day came. What’s that?

It’s 2014 Summer Comic Market.

Nerds, Nerds, Nerds!! They were in the line all night.

Here is about 1km(6miles) away from Tokyo Big Sight.

I looked at these scenes more than 10 times.
But, I don’t know yet how this event is like.

I can see a part of it. When I went out for lunch, I took these pictures.

I feel somewhat of a crime on the left side.

When I left my office and headed to the station, I was stuck in the crowd.

Look at his shirt!! What a NEEEEEEEEEEEEERD!!

Official Site:
Every 3rd Fri,Sat,Sun on August.



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