Olongapo – the Philippines – Malicious Taxi Driver , Sep 5th, 2014

At first, I’d like to say there is no my own picture. Because, I was drunken, so I’m not sure my camera was stolen or left somewhere. LOL.

Before the leaving day, Sep 4th, due to my fault, I had to work until 9:00 PM. After back home, I packed all stuffs in a hurry. Fortunately, I had nothing to be left.

My airplane’s departure was 15 minutes behind. But, in the end, the arrival time was 10 minute ahead at Manila.
I went to a taxi stand to go to Victory Liner Pasay Terminal.

To grab the taxi driver’s heart, I greeted ”Magandang Hapon(Good Afternoon) ».
As expected, the taxi driver got talkative. He appealed how much he loves Japan.
He asked me,
Driver: « How old are you? »
Me: « 41 »
Driver: « 41!? You look like 27. »
Me: « You are flattering me. I’m 41 years old. » (Yeah, last year everyone said to me, I looked like 30. I got 3 years younger. Wahaha.)

Driver: « Where are you going? »
Me: « Olongapo. »
Driver: « by taxi 2 hours 5,500 pesos. Taxi is better. »
Me: « How about Victory Liner? »
Driver:  « Today’s traffic, maybe 4 hours. »
Me: « Umm, OK. Victory Liner is better for me. »
By the way, 494 pesos from International Airport terminal 3 to Pasay Terminal.
It’s more expensive than I thought.

Upon arrival, I headed to the ticket booth. As soon as I got a ticket, the bus left there at 2:45PM.
Luckily, I made it just in time. The sunlight came through the window. In the bus, very very hot. No one had energy to talk. Air-conditioned didn’t work well. After then, the shower started. It was chilly, I wore 2 long sleeves.

Time went by. At 6PM,the bus reached somewhere. Everybody got off.
I asked the last person.
Me: « Is here Olongapo? »
Man: « Maybe. »
Me: (Yes, Yes, I’m right. Victory Liner is better.)
It was raining so I wore a poncho. After then, the man came back.
Man: « Not Olongapo. It’s a parking area. »
Oh, come on!! I was so disappointed. How many hours will it take
It can’t help but taking a ride.

At 8:00PM, we reached Olongapo.
Which do you like, Maybe 5,500pesos taxi fare with 2hours ride or 223 pesos bus fare with 5hours 15 minutes ride?

I didn’t book any hotels. I already got tired so I was going to stay at a hotel near the terminal.
Upon getting off the bus, a man came close to me.
Man: « 350 pesos. around city. »
Me: « It’s true? 350 pesos? »

It was pain in the neck to look for another driver, so I followed him.
He also asked me.
Man: « How old are you? »
Me: « 41. »
Man: « 41!? You look 28. »
Me: « Salamat. »(Umm. I get one year older in 6 hours. »
Man: « You can speak Tagalog. »
Me: « Just a greeting. »

While driving, whenever he found a girl, he said « Hey, girl! ».
I thought « He is pathetic. » He said to me that he has 3 girlfriend aside from his wife.

After we got to the Cabin Hotel, he suggested he took me to a restaurant.
I put my baggage there and we head to a Filipino restaurant.
While going to a restaurant, he asked me tomorrow schedule.
Me: « I’ll go to the jungle camp. »
Man: « What time will you leave? »
Me: « Around 8AM. »
Man: « I’ll take you there. »
Me: « Is it OK? It’s early. »
Man: « No Problem. »

When we got to a restaurant.
He said to me, « I wait outside. »

I ordered « Beef Asado(I forget.) », « Boko Juice(Coconuts Juice) » and « Rice ».
After then, the driver sat in front of me.
The restaurant staff put a plate, a spoon and a knife in front of him as well.

Hmm, it seems they play trick on me together.
I accepted everything. Paying dinner is better than conflict.

After dinner, we got on his car.
Man: « If I take you to the Jungle camp, it costs 3,800 pesos. »
Me: « What are you saying? »
Man: « 3,800 pesos all around. »
Me: « Is that so? I quit to go. »
Man: « Then, get off my car. »
Me: (Sucks. I don’t know where I am. I must go to the hotel.)
Me: « OK. OK. Take me to the hotel. I’ll think over it while you are driving. »

Then, we reached the hotel at 9:30PM.
Me: « I change my plan. I quit to go to the jungle camp. I should know Olongapo. »
Me: « Here, 350 pesos. »
Man: « No. 1,500 pesos. »
Me: « What are you talking about? You said 350 pesos. »
Man: « It’s one drop. I took you to the restaurant. So, 1,500 pesos. »
Me: « It’s ridiculous. I don’t pay such money. »
Man: « If you don’t pay, I’ll call my boss. »
Me: « I never pay. You deceive me. You are a liar. »
Man: « OK. OK. 1,200 pesos. »
Me: « Eh? I don’t have such money. See. I stay the cheapest hotel in this city. »
Man: « 1,000 pesos. »
Me: « How about 400 pesos? »
Man: « My boss will get angry. My boss will come here. I don’t tell a lie. I show you my name and company card. »

It was dark in the car. I asked him to go under a electrical pole.
It was an advantage for me. I was able to get out of the car.
I wrote down his name and company name.

He started to talk about his family.
Man: « My wife lives in Manila to make money. My wife and me live apart. My 5 years old boy is waiting for me. Please, please. I need money. »

Me: « 500 pesos. »
Man: « You are the one who don’t pay money.You waste my time. »
Me: « What!? It’s my words. At first, you tell a lie. »
Man: « My boy is waiting. crying. »
Me: « OK. OK. Here is 1,000 pesos. Never come close to me. »

At 10:30PM, I was able to enter my room.

Which do you like, « Maybe 5,500 pesos taxi fare with 2 hours ride » or « 223 pesos bus fare with 5 hours 15 minutes ride and 750 pesos dinner and 1,000 pesos taxi fare and 2 and half hour ridiculous conversation »?

The Cabin Hotel(Reference from Official Site)

The Cabin Hotel(Reference from Official Site)

The Cabin Hotel(Official Site):




9 réponses à “Olongapo – the Philippines – Malicious Taxi Driver , Sep 5th, 2014

  1. OMG! I am glad you’re okay! That person is terrible for taking advantage of you! You have to be really careful out there. Not every Filipino is like that but there are some who are opportunistic and it’s a shame. Filipino’s are genuinely kind-hearted people but there are those who ends up doing terrible things because they are frustrated with the financial hardships they are going through in life and the government is not helping them, instead they are the ones taking advantage of the ones who needs help. It’s really sad if you think about it and regardless of the reason, it’s not right to take advantage of another person.

  2. aw, what a welcome to a new place, Milu. maybe next time better to book with a travel tour or something. go in a big group with a smart travel guide. probably cost as much as you spent on those who took advantage of you. shame on them. good you survived.

  3. Oh my god! I’m sorry. Urgh! I hate my people for this. They totally took advantage of you. They sniffed easily that you’re a tourist, and they immediately took advantage of it. Dang, I didn’t know you were going there. I should had warn you. You need to be firm with these people! Urgh, this pains me, milu. I’m sorry for them. You should have continued to the hotel. Some hotel should have tours as well. Why Olangapo?
    By the way, I take the bus instead of the taxi. Bus ride may take longer and a lot to tolerate for but it’s cheaper and better experience.

    • definitely,they took advantage of me. but, i need experience. not too bad.
      i was not kidnapped. there is a jungle. that’s why olongapo. yeah, cheaper is better. thank you, Rommel!

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