Olongapo – the Philippines – JEST Camp, Sep 6,7th, 2014

At first, I’d like to say there is no my own picture. Because, I was drunken, so I’m not sure my camera was stolen or left somewhere. LOL.

I went to JEST(Jungle Environment Survival Training). I joined in « Hunter Gatherer » program.
There is no participants aside from me. The lesson was man-to-man.
The teacher is Lui, Aeta Tribe.

At 9:00AM, he started to teach me how to make a pot, water bottle, spoon, chopstick by green bamboo.
And how to make a fire by white bamboo.
One thing I tell you. Cutting a bamboo is difficult. Swinging down a machete, up, down, up. I always cut another place.

At 10:00AM, we went into the jungle.
On the way, he showed me edible leaves, edible stalks, water vines, shampoo vines(I washed my hair by this vine), medicine leaves for cuts and malaria.

After around 40 minutes walk, we reached the camp site. There is a fall.
It’s a bummer that I lost my camera. It’s a really wonderful place.

We started to build a tent for overnight stay.
Then, we picked up twigs, stalks, white bamboos and green bamboos.

At 2:00PM, we had a late lunch. Grilled Pork and Bangus(milk fish/Philippines National Fish) and Rice cooked in bamboo. Masarap(Delicious)!!

After then, we picked up twigs, etc again.
We just had a lunch before, but Lui started to cook dinner.
Chicken and vegetable soup and rice.
I was already full, but I kept to eat.

Lui cut a bark and put into water and boiled.
He said that bark is good for kidney.
I had a kidney problem, so I drunk a lot.

At 8:00PM, we started fishing.
Lui is a good hunter. He caught 3 frogs and 5 crabs.
It was my first time to eat a frog. The taste is like a chicken. Masarap!!

Photo. I wish I had photos……….

Bamboo Cooking(Reference From: JEST Camp)

Bamboo Cooking(Reference From: JEST Camp)

Here is my certification.

Official Site:



4 réponses à “Olongapo – the Philippines – JEST Camp, Sep 6,7th, 2014

  1. Ow … milu … I’m so happy for you. And you know what I take from all these great experiences you had. You lived the moment! You seized the day, and braved to go to a foreign place … esp. just by yourself. I’m done some Jungle Training before, but militaristic ones. I bet it is twice the authenticity, charm and fun when it comes from a tribe member.
    I did wish you have your camera, for your memory and for us to look at as well. But I really, really love reading your story. What a come back from that last post.

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