Aeta Tribe – the Philippines – Hanggang sa muli, Sep 7,8th, 2014

At first, I’d like to say there is no my own picture. Because, I was drunken, so I’m not sure my camera was stolen or left somewhere. LOL.

Lui and I went back to Victory Liner Terminal at Olongapo again.
Then, we took a ride on a jeepney for 40 minutes or so and on a tricycle for 10 minutes or so.

I was going to enter his house.
But, I stopped at the door. I don’t know how to say in English in that case.
We say « Ojamashimasu. » in Japan.
I looked for words for around 10 seconds.
Finally, the words come to my mind.
Me: « Thank you for inviting me. »

I found Lui’s father and mother.
Me: « Magandang Gabi. Ikinagagalak kitang makilala.(Good evening.Nice to meet you.) »
They smiled at me.
They are both over 80 years old.
She cooked and he put a light around her hands.
They are always together and look happy couple.

They served me grilled pork for dinner.
Lui’s father also worked at JEST camp, so he taught me how to survive in the jungle while eating.
After then, Lui and I sat outside and looked at the nearly full moon for a while.
Lui: « Tomorrow is Monday. Many students get on bus. We should get up early. »
At 9:30PM, we went to sleep.

At 4:15AM, « Cock-a-doodle-doo. Cock-a-doodle-doo. »
Roosters chirped here, there and everywhere.
I sat outside and found Orion in the sky.
Me: « Oh my! The winter constellation already comes out. »
Lui came close to me.
Lui: « How does it look like in Japan? »
Me: « It looks like lying down here. It’s standing in Japan. Rotated. »
Lui: « Which direction in Japan? » he pointed out the direction of top,bottom,left and right of Orion.
Me: « North, South, East, West. »
Lui: « Same here. »
Me: « Ahh. I understand. Our houses face to the South to get the sunlight. »

Orion(Reference From NASA)

Orion(Reference From NASA)

Lui’s wife served me wild potato named Nami and coffee for breakfast.
I’m glad to know what Filipino usually eat.
They seem to like coffee. They serve coffee every meal.

At 5:30AM, the time came.
Lui’s father, mother, wife and I shook hands together.
Me: « Maraming Salamat po. Sana lagi kang masaya. Hanggang sa muli.(Thank you so much. I hope you are always happy. See you again.) »

Lui and I left home and took a ride on a tricycle.
When we got off, there is a bird statue which is a symbol of peace.
Lui said to me « Here is Olongapo. »
I googled over and over. But, I couldn’t find. It’s a bummer.

Then, we took a ride on a jeepney. As Lui told me, the jeepney was full of students.
I wished this jeepney wouldn’t reach the last terminal.

Lui: « Here. »
We got off and he took me to the Victory Liner terminal.

I’m basically not talkative.
The words didn’t come out.
I said only « Maraming Salamat po. »
Thank you for everything and your kindness.
Good memories with you will never fade away!!
Gusto kong makipag-usap muli sa iyo(I’d like to talk with you again).


6 réponses à “Aeta Tribe – the Philippines – Hanggang sa muli, Sep 7,8th, 2014

  1. sounds like you really got into the local culture…actually better than a tour that only goes to tourist kind of places. i didn’t know coffee was so popular over there…do they drink it black or with lots of cream and coffee like Cuban coffee?

  2. It’s indeed amazing to know a lot of things from your journeys. I’m so grateful for your interest to visit my country. Survival in the forest is something I can’t bring myself to be interested in. Hearing your personal account with the Aeta tribe, I felt inspired to be more adventurous in life. I guess, we need to explore various things to discover the beauty life has to offer. May you find further happiness with travelling. Thanks again for visiting Olongapo and staying with the Aeta tribe. I envy you for your personally witness their industriousness. I’m sure, they were very happy for the chance of meeting a very gentle soul. Maraming salamat po.

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