Manila – the Philippines – Mabuhay & Karaoke, Sep 8th, 2014

At first, I’d like to say there is no my own picture. Because, I was heavily drunken, so I’m not sure my camera was stolen or left somewhere. LOL.
At 6:45AM, Victory Liner left the Olongapo terminal.
After a while, I found Bataan Death March signs.
76km, 77km,….81km…everlasting…….
Until then, I thought I would try to take part in Bataan Death March tour someday.
I quit to try. It must be tougher I thought.
But, as a Japanese, I’ll write down my opinion about Bataan Death March someday.

At 12:00PM, Victory Liner arrived at Pasay terminal.
Tricycle drivers came close to me.
Man: « Hi! Where are you going? How many times to Manila? »
Me: « First visit. How much to Malate? »
Drivers: « 100 pesos, No Malate. To blah blah blah. »
Me: « Where is blah blah blah? Why you cannot go to Malate?  »
Drivers: « Police. We can go to blah blah blah »
I asked again, « Why no Malate? They said only « Police »
Although I couldn’t hear well the place name blah blah blah, I took a ride on their tricycle.
But, this was mischoice. The driver stopped after driving for 1km(0.6miles) or so.
He pointed out the entrance of the train station « EDSA ».
Me: (Rats! I can walk here. EDSA is not pronounced alphabetically.)

I took a ride on a train to Malate and chosen « Where 2 Next Hostel » as my stay on that day.
A hotel staff recommended me going to Intramuros along the sea side street.

When I walked on the bank along Manila Bay, a horse carriage came close to me.
Man: « Hi, where are you from? »
Me: « Japan. »
Man: « I have a Japanese friend. Ibaraki. »
Me: « Sounds good. » I feel fishy because Ibaraki is a rural part in Japan. Definitely he doesn’t know where.
Man: « How many times to Manila? »
I already learned. I should tell a lie.
Me: « 10. »
Man: « Really? »
Me: « Magandang Hapon! Alam ko Jose Rizal at Andres Bonifacio. Mahal! Paalam!(Good Afternoon! I know Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio. Expensive! Bye Bye!) »
It was absolutely a bluff. I spoke Tagalog at my best.
If he spoke Tagalog, I couldn’t help but saying « Huh? ».
However, the man gave up chasing me.

Another horse carriage approached me.
Man: « Hi, where are you from? »
Me: « Japan. »
Man: « Hello Friend! I have a Japanese friend. Ibaraki. »
Me: ( Ibaraki, Again!? Why not Tokyo!? They must be teaming up.)
Man: « Manila is dangerous. Walking alone is dangerous. You should take a ride. »
Me: ( You say so!? You are dangerous!! )
I run away and dodged him.
I would say « I know you have a Japanese friend in Ibaraki. », if the third horse carriage came close to me.

When I reached Manila Cathedral at Intramuros, a family asked me for taking a picture.
They are a brother and sister-in-law named Dun and Elizabeth living near Baguio and coming to Manila for their holidays. They took me around Intramuros.
Dun: « I’ll show you more wonderful church. »
Elizabeth: « It’s amazing. »
Me: « Oh, please! »
Of course, I lost my camera and forgot the church name.
But, there was Black Jesus Christ. Plus, Elizabeth said to me that countless devotees gather there every January. I googled and probably it is Quiapo Church.
Although I’m not a Chiristian, I rubbed Jesus Christ’s hand and my forehead touched his foot like devotees did. But, I emptied my mind, as I always do at shrines in Japan. What are Christians generally thinking, while doing like this?

Black Nazarene(Reference From:

Black Nazarene(Reference From:

After then, they took me around China town. As a shower started, we took a rest at a stall with Karaoke.
Soon after, a lady came to us. She was their niece and probably early 20s.
I forgot her name, so I call her Zendaya here. Zendaya is my recent fave. I hope Zendaya will not become Miley Cyrus.

Zendaya and Elizabeth sang in turns, while Dun and I drank local beer « San Miguel Beer« .

San Miguel Beer

Dun taught me the Philippines style drinking.
Hold your grass, Cross arms each other and drink your half glass of beer.
Got it? It’s difficult to explain exactly by only words.
I googled but couldn’t find images.

Zendaya: « You song! »
Me: « No! No! I’m terrible at singing. »
Zendaya: « I choose a Japanese song. I love this song! »
She forced me to grab a microphone. As the opening is on, I was very confused.
Me: « It’s a lady’s song! I can’t!! »
Zendaya: « You should! »

The song was First Love by Hikaru Utata and has sold almost 800,000 copies, her 9th hit single.

The score was 64. Something wrong. I thought It should be 30 or so.
Zendaya: « How about the Beatles? »
Me: « I’ve never sung English songs at Karaoke. »
Zendaya: « You can. »
She chosen Yesterday and Hey Jude.
Both scores were 80. I thought the karaoke machine must have gone crazy.

Zendaya: « Pick a song! »
She handed me down a song list book.
Me: « Are there any Japanese songs? »
Zendaya: « Only Two. Hikaru Utada, Mariko Takahashi. »
Me: ( Hikaru Utada is one of divas in the early 2000s. Why is Mariko Takahashi on the list? She is much older than me. )

Zendaya: « What kind of genre do you like? »
Me: « Rock. ( I haven’t listened for these 15 years. ) »
Zendaya: « Bon Jovi? »
Me: « Good! »
She selected It’s My Life.
Me: « It’s not my generation. I know only the main part. »
Zendaya sang It’s My Life.
Me: « Is there a singers list? »
Zenedaya: « Only song titles. »
Me: ( Umm…a singers list is helpful. No singers list in Filipino Karaoke. I find You Give Love A Bad Name,I’ll Be There For You. It’s not my type. I’d like to choose everyone knows. Wild in the Street,Lay Your Hands on Me is not on the list. I went to the jungle with Lui. It must be good. )
I selected Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses.
But, it was a mischoice. The lyrics flows very quickly. I called a staff.
Me: « I can’t sing. Skip, please! »
Me: ( Umm…I must choose a slow tempo. Here is a good song! )
I selected To Be With You by Mr. Big.
Not only me but Zendaya, Elizabeth and Dun sang together.
Plus, the score was 84.
Me: ( I selected a good song. )

The night deepened.


6 réponses à “Manila – the Philippines – Mabuhay & Karaoke, Sep 8th, 2014

  1. Sounds like a fun night! And those coachmen are funny for having the same story but at the same time it’s scary too because they all seem to have one thing on their mind…and that is how they can take advantage of someone especially foreigners. Oh man, that’s just sad!

  2. Whoa … Church, San Miguel Beer, and Karaoke … wowowowow … you lived THE Filipino life in such a short stay! I love reading your travel experience in Philippines. I’m so glad you found kind people to accompany you … and protect you. 🙂

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