Sagami Nebuta Carnival(相模ねぶたカーニバル) – Oct 12th, 2014

Nebuta Festival(ねぶた祭り) is originated in Aomori(青森) which is located in Northern part of Japan. This festival was imported to my city, Sagamihara(相模原) about 10 years ago.
Its feature is a big shining dolls’ parade.



The first one is Deirabocchi(でいらぼっち). He is a character of Sagamihara’s folklore. Once upon a time, he carried and placed Mt.Fujiwhere it is.

Doraemon(ドラえもん). Maybe, you know.
I don’t need to explain about him.

Frozen‘s princes also joined this year.

As this festival’s side show, I’d like to share Wadaiko(和太鼓)/Japanese Drum Show.

Sagami Daiko(相模太鼓)

All performers hit their drums at the same time. Good Perform!

Soushu Daiko(相州太鼓)

Powerful Hitting. 3:04 a piece of a stick flew away. A guy next to me startled.

I like this one the most. It’s a bummer that I cannot share these big sounds and air vibration. A guy next to me frequently applaud them. My feeling is the same as his. The live was surely better than this video.

The last one is a collaboration of both group. Each member has solo.
One of members gulped down beer at 11:57. The leader made sure he wouldn’t drive after the show. Everyone laughed out loud.


2 réponses à “Sagami Nebuta Carnival(相模ねぶたカーニバル) – Oct 12th, 2014

  1. I sooooo miss festivals in Japan. You guys take things to heart… and to tradition. This is a festival I would likely be so happy to go to. The shining dolls look so cool, and the drumming always impresses me.

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