Sancha Street Performance Festival(三茶de大道芸), Oct 19th, 2014


Sancha Street Performance Festival(三茶de大道芸) is one of my favorite festivals. I posted last year as well.

The first group is Goldens from Dairakudakan(ゴールデンズ from 大駱駝艦). It looks like Japan Version Blue Man. Men have skin heads and wear gold makeup over their whole bodies. Ladies wear white makeup over their faces and gold makeup over the rest of their bodies. Surprisingly, as you can see, ladies don’t wear bras. No matter how thick. It’s embarrassing. They are brave!!

They are so popular that I didn’t get a good position. Raising my hands, I took a video for only 1 minute.

If you get a good position, they take a pose for you. You cannot stop nose bleeding!! LOL!!

This is the only showtime by men’s members. It can’t be helped. As you know, what everybody wants to see is ladies’ dancing.
The next group is MC Fois feat Lorenzo Galli from Italy.
The climax is around 10:00. I don’t do a spoil alert. They have a knack of getting over language barrier.
The next one is Mami Kanou(加納真実). She is the most popular performer. I can say I went to this festival to see her. I was shocked, when I saw her last year. Why? I didn’t get where I laugh.
You might wonder what makes them laugh. Her style is self-deprecating.
00:00 – 10:30 She walks around with a paper « つきあって », « 恋人募集中 » which mean « Be my boyfriend. » A over-40years-old woman approaches and asks with a serious and awful face. Plus, she appeals to old guys. You can help but laughing.18:20 – « Masquerade ». Her most popular performance. Weird dance.
She ask audience for dancing with her one after another.
You must dump embarrassment.
27:00 The climax is that when they are dancing crazily, she sits in the audience.
30:00 She rubs their heads gently for her appreciation. It’s very very gentle. LOL!!

4 réponses à “Sancha Street Performance Festival(三茶de大道芸), Oct 19th, 2014

  1. Wow Milu, that means we’ve been blogging friends for more than a year. 😀 😉
    I like what you’ve shown here than last year’s. Those women are « bold » in many levels. 😉

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