Urayasu Yu Yu Carnival(浦安ゆ~ゆ~カーニバル), Oct 26th, 2014

When I arrived at the venue, the first match was about to be over. It’s been long time since I saw her who was lifted on the picture. One of visitors called her name, « Toyota Fight!! ». I was startled. Manami Toyota(豊田真奈美) . Her nickname is 飛翔天女/Flying Angel. Slim and Beauty. She was an idol in the female wrestling in 1990s. Now, She has totally changed. Like a dump truck.

Next match. アジャ・コング/Aja Kong came out!!
Both sides was staring at each other.

Shouting abuse!!

The match started!!

From the start, ring-side battle.

Foldable chair attack!!

1 vs 5. I like this kind of situation. I must be a sadist. LOL!

Aja Kong was lifting an opponent. It’s a piece of a cake for her.

Left: アジャコング/Aja Kong, Right: 華原朋美/Tomomi Kahala

After wrestling matches, 華原朋美/Tomomi Kahala who has several million hit songs sang on the stage. Unbelievable. A diva in mid 90s came to a local festival. Although I’m not her fan, I enjoyed. In the late 90s, she got in trouble and disappeared. She made up her mind to restart her career again these days. As a start, she joined in this festival. This is because 浦安/Urayasu is her hometown and this year is her 20th anniversary. I’m surprised at knowing that. I think she gets better than used to be. I hope she will make another hit song someday. Here isn’t her place. Her place should be on the tube. But, I’m glad if she’ll come back here in her 40th anniversary. Plus, at that time, I hope I will have a courage and live in somewhere except Japan.


6 réponses à “Urayasu Yu Yu Carnival(浦安ゆ~ゆ~カーニバル), Oct 26th, 2014

  1. which one is Minami in the first photo? the one wearing the black outfit? funny…change into a dump truck… 🙂 but this event looks like it was fun with lots of drama queens…and drama kings. some do look like they could eat less rice, (aja kong!!!) though. just saying. 😛

  2. VERY cool event. I didn’t know you’re a sadist. 😀 That looks brutal!!! And I love it. 😀
    I saw some wresting events when I was in Japan, just didn’t get the chance because of other plans. Someday ….
    You captured this event very very well, milu.

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