Junk Food « Yaki(焼き) » in Japan

Simmered Fish, Grilled Fish, Seaweed Salad, Root Vegetables Salad, Tofu(Bean Curd), Natto(Fermented Soybeans), etc. It is said that Japanese Food is good for you. However, absolutely, all Japanese Food is not healthy. If you find « Yaki(やき/焼き) » on menu, most of them are probably junk. Here are some « Yaki » just for fun. DO NOT be addicted to these everyday!!

☆ キャベツ焼き/Kyabetsu Yaki/Cabbages Pancake (140 yen/1piece)
Shredded Cabbages, Tenkasu(Deep Fried Tiny Battered Ball), Pickled Ginger and Thick Sauce.

☆ たこ焼き/Tako Yaki/Octopus Dumpling(620yen/8pieces)
Diced Octopus inside. Usually thick sauce are on it. This time, I ordered a special one: Poached Egg in Tentsuyu(Tempura Dip).

☆ もんじゃ焼き/Monja Yaki/Pan-fried Batter(600yen)
Do not be disgusting!! It’s NOT MY VOMIT!! Believe or not, It’s food!! Shredded Cabbages, Bean Sprouts and Minced Pork. Umm, I can’t say minced pork. All meat in all is tinier than just one rabbit’s poo. Umm, It’s disgusting!!


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